Pink Himalayan salt is one of the most mineral-rich sources on the planet, containing over 84 beneficial trace minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium. So it makes sense to implement Himalayan salt into our everyday lives to improve our physical health and wellbeing!

Himalayan salt can be used in a variety of different ways – not only is it rich in minerals, but it also contains ionic properties that can assist with detoxing and balancing our bodies. If you’re looking for ways to benefit from Himalayan salt, keep reading for 4 easy ways to introduce this incredible natural product into your home!

Himalayan Sole solution

A Himalayan salt sole solution is basically water that has been totally saturated with Himalayan salt, and then ingested internally as a drink.

Sole can be hugely beneficial to our physical health and wellbeing, with the concentrated salt solution helping to naturally detox our bodies, balance our blood sugar levels, boost our energy, and even improve digestion and weight loss. And, it’s so simple to make at home – you can read our previous blog post on creating your very own sole solution to get started.

A glass of sole at the beginning of each today is one simple habit you can start implementing easily to improve your health.

Table salt substitute

One of the easiest ways you can introduce Himalayan salt into your household is by using it as a direct substitute for table salt. Table salt is heavily processed, which means it has lost most of the essential minerals that are so beneficial to our health. Table salt can also include additives which are used to prevent clumping – but these additives really aren’t so healthy for our bodies!

Simply replace all of your salt shakers with pink Himalayan salt, and use it in exactly the same way as you would use table salt. It’s a direct substitute, so can use the same quantities to gain the same flavour!

Himalayan salt soak

Himalayan salt has unique ionic energy properties, which makes it the perfect salt to use for a detoxing bath soak. The Himalayan salt, when dissolved in water, helps to cleanse and detox our bodies, as well as draw out harmful toxins.

It’s important to use Himalayan salt in the right quantities and only soak for 20 minutes maximum, as the effects can be strong! You can read our previous blog post on detoxing with Himalayan salt soak for more information, and our favourite DIY salt soak recipes can be found here.

Himalayan Salt therapy

Salt therapy, or ‘Halotherapy’ refers to the process of inhaling salt to improve respiratory function. Whether you suffer from asthma, allergies or sinus issues, salt therapy can be a natural and effective way to help manage and reduce your symptoms.

Many people travel across the world to visit salt caves and experience salt therapy for themselves, but you can also reap the benefits of salt therapy through a Himalayan salt inhaler or Himalayan salt pipe. You can view our previous blog post on using Himalayan salt inhalers to read about these benefits in more detail.

Himalayan salt really is a wonderful addition to our everyday lives, to help improve our overall physical health and wellbeing. So why not incorporate some of these Himalayan salt ideas into your own household – you can shop our range of Himalayan salt products here to get started.

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