5 daily rituals using essential oils

Essential oils can be powerful at helping with specific health and wellness issues, but did you know they can be incorporated into your daily routine, too?

We love using essential oils for daily rituals that support self-care, mindfulness and positivity. Taking time out for self-care each day is so important in today’s fast-paced world, so we wanted to share some simple daily rituals to inspire you on your own wellness journey.

Keep reading for 5 daily traditions you can start with essential oils, from morning routines to bedtime habits.

Set your intention for the day with a diffuser blend

Start your morning on the right foot by diffusing essential oils throughout the home. The beauty of essential oils is that you can tailor a specific blend to set your intention for the day ahead. Depending on what the day has in store, you can choose a uplifting blend for motivation, a calming blend for stress, or a focus blend for concentration. Taking some time to inhale your chosen essential oils will have you feeling like you can conquer anything!

Carry a roller blend in your bag

Roller blends are ideal for experiencing your favourite essential oils on-the-go. Make sure you take some time to check in with yourself during the day. Are you feeling stressed? Irritable? Lethargic? Having a few different roller blends for various situations is ideal. For example, a calming lavender blend for moments of stress and anxiety, or an uplifting citrus or peppermint blend for an afternoon pick-me-up. Simply apply to your wrists and inhale deeply as needed.

Wind down with an aromatherapy bath

Wind down at the end of each day and de-stress with a relaxing aromatherapy soak. Simply add a couple of drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil to your bath and enjoy, even if it’s just 10 minutes a few nights a week.

Boost your skincare

Did you know essential oils can be added to your skincare for an extra boost? Essential oils like tea tree, lavender, geranium and frankincense are all known for their benefits when it comes to radiant skin. Simply add a drop to your daily moisturiser, or mix with a carrier oil like jojoba oil. You can also opt for natural skincare products that already include essential oils, like our NATTo range.

Create a pillow spray

Get your mind and body prepared for bed with an essential oil pillow spray! Lavender is our absolute favourite for a restful night’s sleep, and great for the little ones too. Simply fill an amber spray bottle with 15-20 drops of lavender oil, 1 tablespoon witch hazel, and the remainder with distilled water. Spray a few spritzes on your pillow before bed, and enjoy drifting off into a deep slumber.

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