Himalayan salt lamps are best known for purifying the air, emitting negative ions and boosting your mood and energy levels. We’ve previously spoken about the different health benefits provided by Himalayan salt lamps, along with our top tips for choosing the right salt lamp for your home.

But today, we wanted to share some interesting facts you might not yet know about these incredible ancient crystals!

From the history of salt therapy to size guides and removing odours, keep reading for 5 little-known facts about Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan salt crystals have a rich history dating back 200 million years

Did you know Himalayan salt dates back over 200 million years? The Himalayan mountains were first created due to the uncontrollable pressure of the Indo-Australian tectonic plates. Massive salt deposits were left behind after the surrounding ocean dried up, creating Himalayan salt beds that remained protected by the mountains.

People from all across the globe have since been using salt therapy for health and wellness. Himalayan salt is the most pure, mineral-rich salt source (packed with over 84+ trace minerals), and is renowned for assisting with respiratory health and detoxifying the body! You can find our top remedies for detoxing with Himalayan salt on the blog here. 

Himalayan salt lamps are harvested from Pakistan

Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are primarily harvested by hand from Pakistan, on the western side of the Himalayan Mountains. This particular salt mine is the second largest in the world, renowned for producing some of the purest salt available. 

Himalayan salt lamps can help to remove odours

Along with purifying the air, generating negative ions and promoting better sleep, Himalayan salt lamps can actually be used to remove odours from the home, too!

This little-known benefit comes from the purifying nature of Himalayan salt lamps, which also tackles odours that linger in the air (such as mildew and pet litter). With this in mind, consider placing a salt lamp in the rooms that seem to accumulate the most smells.

Himalayan salt lamps come in different sizes

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Himalayan salt lamps. In fact, these lamps come in a range of different sizes – from 1kg – 100kg!  

So what influence does size have on the effect of Himalayan salt lamps? Bigger salt lamps will have a greater effect on the surrounding air, while smaller salt lamps are best for smaller rooms like bedrooms or workspaces. You can check out our Himalayan salt lamp size guide for our tips on choosing the right salt lamp for your home!

Himalayan salt lamps can be fake

Unfortunately, not all Himalayan salt lamps are created equal. Due to the growing popularity of Himalayan salt, there are now many fake salt lamps available on the market. These fake lamps contain zero health benefits, but the good news is – it’s fairly easy to tell the difference. You can learn more about identifying a fake Himalayan salt lamp on the blog!

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