10 Simple Ways to Use Less Plastic!

by Janice FERGUSON on Nov 11, 2020

10 Simple Ways to Use Less Plastic! - Inspire Me Naturally

It’s no secret that Australia has a problem with plastic. In particular, the unnecessary amount of single-use plastic that we use and discard throughout our everyday lives - from water bottles to coffee cups, straws and much more.

We're huge advocates for being mindful of single-use plastic, and looking for reusable and sustainable alternatives where possible. Not only are there some great eco-friendly products now available, but there are also some simple lifestyle changes that can help you and your household cut down on plastic, too.

Keep reading for 10 ways you and your family can use less plastic around the home by making the switch to sustainable products instead.

Say no to plastic straws

Plastic straws are not only extremely harmful to our waterways and environment - but they’re actually just unnecessary in the first place! With so many alternative straw options now available such as bamboo straws and stainless steel, say no to plastic by opting for a reusable solution instead.

Use an eco-friendly coffee cup

Just like straws, standard takeaway coffee cups are only used once before being discarded, often including a plastic lining that prevents them from being recycled. Invest in an eco-friendly travel cup instead for your everyday brew, and take advantage of the discounts now offered by many cafes for BYO cups!

Reusable shopping bags

With the recent ban on supermarket plastic bags, investing in some good quality reusable shopping bags is now a must. Try to opt for reusable bags when it comes to produce like fruit and veg too - mesh, muslin and cotton produce bags are all great options.

Make your own cleaning products

Making your own DIY cleaning products not only reduces the amount of plastic containers coming in and out of your house, but also helps to reduce harmful toxins, too! There are some great DIY cleaning alternatives you can take advantage of using only natural ingredients.

Stop buying bottled water

Buying bottled water on the go is an easy habit to break by simply purchasing a reusable, BPA-free drink bottle instead. Get into the routine of filling your drink bottle each morning and taking it with you on the go. Only drink filtered water? Consider a water filtration unit for your kitchen to make pure chemical-free water accessible from home.

Bulk buy food in reusable containers

BYO reusable containers or lunch boxes where possible for bulk-buying cereals, nuts, legumes and other products available for self-serve at supermarkets and organic stores, instead of using plastic bags.

Use beeswax wraps

Cling wrap is another example of single-use plastic that can easily be avoided with eco-friendly alternatives. Beeswax wraps are another sustainable option that can be reused time and time again!

Reusable coffee pods

Did you know over 1 billion coffee pods are added to landfill each year? Luckily, reusable coffee pods are now growing in popularity and are a great way to cut down on plastic while still enjoying your morning cuppa.

Buy boxes instead of bottles

Be mindful of packaging when shopping, and opt for recyclable cardboard boxes and containers over plastic bottles and wraps where you can. You’d be surprised how many everyday items can be purchased in eco-friendly packaging as opposed to plastic when you keep an eye out for them!


And finally, get your family into the habit of recycling properly - a printable graphic or list of do’s and don’ts in your kitchen can be a helpful reminder of what can and can’t be recycled.

We have a huge range of eco-friendly reusable alternatives here at Inspire Me Naturally - from bathroom products to kitchen products and much more. Plus, we’re committed to using eco-friendly packaging for all product purchases made online.

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