Essential Oils to improve Memory & Mental Health

by Janice FERGUSON on Feb 20, 2019

Essential Oils to improve Memory & Mental Health - Inspire Me Naturally

Essential oils are not just helpful for those seeking relief from health problems. They are also a great way to enhance brain power for daily activities and improve mental health.

Research conducted by Northumbria University, as recent as 2015, shows measurable improvement of memory retention by using the right kinds of oils. It’s not complicated, either - in almost every case, all you have to do is let it diffuse in your room via a diffuser or vaporiser.

The oil will do the rest!

Here’s a starter list of five essential oils that you can try:

Rosemary: Famously referenced in Shakespeare’s Hamlet - “There's rosemary, that's for remembrance” - rosemary was found to increase one’s ability to remember scheduled tasks significantly. If you find yourself having to juggle a thousand little jobs, or simply struggling to remember to take one’s medication on time, consider this to juice up your efficiency.

Basil: The classic Italian herb serves to remove distraction caused by stress, allowing you to focus on any work at hand. It also acts to lift your mood due to its sweet, pleasing scent. Inhale deeply before starting a task from the bottle. You can also keep a diffuser nearby to sustain its effects.

Peppermint: Sharp and rejuvenating, the scent of peppermint oil will stir up sleepy minds into action. It has the added bonus of relieving breathing difficulties so that your brain is supplied with enough oxygen to function fully. Add a few drops to a steam diffuser, or apply to the neck and head. Whichever way, take care to ensure it is diluted sufficiently, as pure oil will irritate your skin.

Lemon Balm: Not to be confused with the sour fruit, lemon balm is a relative of mint that speeds up your ability to process thought and focuses your attention. It has been the subject of considerable study, and its proven power is so potent that it is used to aid Alzheimer patients. While it is usually found in the form of a pill, lemon balm oil is available for inhalation. You can also rub it on to your skin, as long as it is accompanied with a carrier lotion.

Aloe Vera: Long regarded as a miracle herb for its healing properties, it is also believed that the scent of aloe vera can improve your long-term memory. It is usually available mixed with a carrier oil, and, if so, is ready for application from the bottle. Double dip on its famous moisturising effects by making it part of your skin care routine, or simply diffuse a few drops regularly.

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