5 Amazing Ways to Use Clear Quartz Crystals!

by Janice FERGUSON on May 24, 2021

5 Amazing Ways to Use Clear Quartz Crystals! - Inspire Me Naturally

Clear quartz should be a fundamental stone in your crystal kit. This healing crystal is widely regarded as the “master healer”, and is considered to be one of the oldest and most enlightening gemstones in the world.

If you’re currently looking for some ways to use this incredible crystal, you’re in the right place. From clearing negative energy to improving focus and spiritual growth, read on for 5 amazing ways to use clear quartz crystals below!

What is clear quartz known for?

Many civilizations consider clear quartz to be the supreme gift of Mother Earth. The soothing and purifying properties of clear quartz have actually been channelled for thousands of years!

Translucent in appearance, this ancient crystal is widely considered to be the ultimate “cleansing” stone - helping to clear negative energy, cleanse your energetic system and align your chakras. Clear quartz is also thought to have a significant connection to those born in April, although it isn’t a traditional birthstone.

How to use clear quartz crystals

There are so many ways to reap the benefits of this powerful crystal. Read on for 5 of our favourite ways to harness the power of clear quartz!

Clear negative energy

Clear quartz is the perfect stone for releasing negative energy. This beautiful stone is thought to repel negative energy, cleanse your mind from harmful emotions, and promote feelings of happiness and joy.

You may want to wear a piece of clear quartz jewellery to help you keep negative energy at bay, or even add a piece of clear quartz to a relaxing bath as you meditate. Hanging a clear quartz dream catcher above your bed can also help to ward off bad dreams and evil spirits.

Relieve headaches

Known as the “master healer”, clear quartz stones are thought to assist with headache relief. This cleansing crystal is thought to direct negative energy and pain away from your body.

Next time you find yourself struck down with a headache, try sitting in a dark, quiet room while holding a piece of clear quartz to your forehead.

Reduces stress

Clear quartz can be an amazing tool for clearing unwanted stress and tension. This soothing stone can help you find a sense of peace during chaotic or distressing times.

Simply keep a piece of clear quartz nearby during stressful situations to help calm your emotions. You might decide to wear a piece of clear quartz jewellery, or simply place a piece of clear quartz by your office desk or bedside table. 

Improve concentration

Many people believe that clear quartz can assist with improving concentration and mental clarity. You can use this stone in situations that require focus and attention - for example, at work or while studying. 

Spiritual growth

Clear quartz has a significant bond with your crown chakra. This is the energy centre that connects you to universal energy, and is thought to impact how we think and respond to the world around us. Carrying clear quartz or using clear quartz in your meditation practice may help to promote spiritual growth and assist you with finding your purpose.

You may want to set some intentions by writing your desires down on a piece of paper, holding a piece of clear quartz and repeating your intentions out loud. Then, place the stone on top of the folded paper and trust that the universe will deliver.

Where to buy clear quartz crystals

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