5 Amazing Ways to Use Rose Quartz Crystals!

by Janice FERGUSON on Apr 15, 2021

5 Amazing Ways to Use Rose Quartz Crystals! - Inspire Me Naturally

Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for beginners. This beautiful pink-hued crystal has a rich history dating back to 600 B.C, and is best known for being the stone of unconditional love.

From attracting romance to shifting your energy and even improving your skin, keep reading as we share 5 amazing ways to use Rose Quartz crystals below!

What is Rose Quartz Known For?

Rose Quartz is a pink form of quartz, also known as “Hyaline Quartz” or “The Heart Stone”. It has a distinct blush-toned appearance, and is renowned for being a symbol of connection and relationships. This stone is believed to emit a strong vibration of love, joy and emotional healing.

How to use Rose Quartz

There are several ways to incorporate Rose Quartz into your daily life, from skincare to meditation! Here are some of our favourite ways to use Rose Quartz for beginners:

Place it under your pillow for sweet dreams

Placing a small Rose Quartz stone under your pillow or on your bedside table is thought to encourage gentle dreams. Because this beautiful stone emits such positive vibrations, keeping Rose Quartz crystals nearby while you sleep will also help you wake up feeling protected, energised, loved and inspired.

Placing Rose Quartz crystals on your bedside table is also perfect for couples, thought to help strengthen the relationship and encourage deeper connections.

Keep it on your office desk 

Rose Quartz is the perfect companion for your office desk! This sweet pink stone will help you feel positive and uplifted at work, boost your confidence, and even strengthen your relationship with your colleagues. Plus, it’s sure to make your desk look pretty. Read our top 5 products for a beautiful home office here! 

Use it for meditation

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals to incorporate into your meditation practice. You can simply place a chunk of Rose Quartz beside you, or better yet, hold a piece directly over your heart so it can connect to your heart chakra. Be aware of any emotions that may come up (good and bad) and subtly shift their energy. Meditating with Rose Quartz is thought to lift your heart to a higher frequency and encourage compassion and self-care.

Use a Rose Quartz face roller

Along with raising your vibration, Rose Quartz is also believed to be beneficial to your skin.

This is why Rose Quartz face rollers are commonly used to improve skin clarity, soothe angry skin, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

For best results, keep your Rose Quartz roller in the fridge and use it both morning and night. Simply apply your favourite face oil or serum, and use the Rose Quartz roller to gently massage your skin with upward strokes for around 1 minute. This daily ritual should leave your skin feeling soothed, glowing and hydrated!

Wear Rose Quartz jewellery

Wearing Rose Quartz jewellery will help you experience the benefits of this beautiful crystal throughout the day. You can use a macrame crystal pouch necklace to keep the Rose Quartz close to your heart - connecting to your heart chakra and opening your heart up to love, compassion and inner peace. 

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