5 Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

by Janice Ferguson on Dec 14, 2020

5 Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Home - Inspire Me Naturally

Your home should be a safe sanctuary - a place where you feel happy, calm and peaceful. But sometimes, negative emotions and negative energy can accumulate and leave our homes feeling stressful, cluttered and chaotic!

If you’re looking for some simple ways to remove negative energy and create a lighter, more positive environment, we’re here to help. From sage sticks to healing crystals, keep reading for 5 ways to clear negative energy from your home below.

When To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

Clearing negative energy is a good idea if your home environment feels tense or stressful. This could be due to:

  • A build-up of negative emotions
  • Going through a break-up, grief, or loss
  • Following an argument with your partner
  • Feeling “stuck” with your life, relationships or career
  • During a time of transition - for example, after bringing home a new baby or landing a new job

If you feel like the energy in your home is simply “off” in some way, it might be the perfect time to refresh your environment. Try these 5 natural remedies below:

Sage Smudging

Sage smudging is widely used all over the world to invite positive energy. This herb is strongly associated with cleansing, purity and transformation, making it perfect for clearing negative energy from your home!

Simply place your sage stick in a fire-safe container, light it until you see a flame, and blow it out. Fan the embers from the stick as you spread the smoke throughout each room of your home.

Clear Out The Clutter

A cluttered home creates a cluttered mind, so spend some time doing a good spring clean and getting rid of any old, broken or unwanted items. While you’re at it, open up your windows - allowing fresh air to come in also allows negative energy to go out. 

Introduce Crystals

Crystals are thought to have strong vibrational properties, and are often used to create a peaceful environment. Two of the most popular crystals for clearing negative energy include selenite and black tourmaline. Consider placing a selenite lamp strategically in the rooms where you spend the most time, like your bedroom or living spaces.

Diffuse Citrus Oils

Fresh citrus oils like lemon and wild orange are perfect for creating an uplifting energy and breathing life into your home. Diffuse these essential oils each morning as you set your intention for the day, and enjoy their beautifully fresh fragrance! You can also create your own roller blend to carry with you on-the-go - simply massage into your wrists and inhale as needed.

Hang Chakra Flags

Chakra flags are thought to balance your chakra energy and promote love, balance, happiness and peace. Hang these colourful flags around your home to invite positive energy into your environment!

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