7 Tips For Creating a Calm, Peaceful Home

by Janice FERGUSON on Feb 14, 2022

7 Tips For Creating a Calm, Peaceful Home - Inspire Me Naturally

Did you know your home environment plays a big role in your mood and energy levels? A calm home can help you feel tranquil and relaxed - but a chaotic home can leave you feeling drained and tense!

If you want to create a peaceful haven for you and your family, consider making a few small changes to transform the ambience and energy in your home. Not sure where to begin? Read on as we share our top 7 tips for creating a calm home environment below.

Calm your home with aromatherapy

Embrace the benefits of aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils throughout the home each day. Diffusers work by dispersing your oils into a fine mist and permeating the surrounding air - helping you create a beautifully fragrant and relaxing home.

We recommend opting for calming oils that promote harmony and relaxation. For example: lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, Ylang Ylang, vetiver and patchouli. Use your diffuser first thing in the morning and again before bed to help you relax and unwind from the day.

Calm your home with Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful decor piece, but they can also help you create a calm home environment! These ancient crystals are renowned for producing negative ions, which help to relieve stress and boost our energy levels once they reach our bloodstream.

Himalayan salt lamps also emit a warm amber glow that many people find incredibly soothing - especially before bed. Consider placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your most-used rooms to instil a sense of calm throughout the home.

Calm your home with soft colours

Neutral colours and organic textures can also help you create a calm, cosy ambience. Soft tones like oatmeal, sage and cream paired with natural elements like timber, rattan and greenery will lay the foundation for a relaxing home environment. Keep this in mind when renovating or choosing furniture and decor for your home!

Calm your home by introducing plants

Studies show that interaction with plants can help to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. With this in mind, start filling your home with your favourite indoor plants to help you create a calm, relaxing sanctuary. Some of the best low-maintenance indoor plants include Snake Plants, Peace Lilies and Devil’s Ivy. As a bonus, the plants will also improve your air quality!

Calm your home by minimising clutter

Too much clutter throughout your home can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Spend some time going through your cupboards, clearing out your drawers and donating items that don’t get used. You can also use baskets, tubs and dividers to help you organise your pantry, fridge and linen cupboards. A big spring clean will immediately make your household feel calmer and less chaotic!

Calm your home with crystals

Certain crystals like selenite are thought to clear negative energy from your home and aura. Selenite can help to create a sense of calm and instil deep peace throughout your home, while removing any stagnant energy. We recommend placing selenite near your front doors and windows to repel negative energy, or using a selenite lamp in your bedroom and living rooms.

Calm your home with candles

Being surrounded by a beautiful fragrance is a great way to de-stress and unwind after a busy day! Why not light your favourite soy candle while you cook dinner, tidy the house or enjoy a nice long bath soak before bed?

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