The Benefits of Diffusing Oils

by Janice FERGUSON on May 17, 2018

The Benefits of Diffusing Oils! Inspire Me Naturally

Want to know more about diffusing oils? In a nutshell, aromatherapy is the use of aromatic oils extracted from plants, flowers and spices, to alleviate and ease symptoms of various complaints such as: 

* Headaches

* Lethargy

* Insomnia

* Congestion

* Digestive problems

* Stress or Anxiety

* Cold & Flu

The most popular way to use essential oils around the home is with the help of an oil burner or diffuser. Both options involve vaporising the essential oil thereby introducing into the air in your environment.

Why diffuse your oils?

It is generally recommended that you avoid using a traditional candle based oil burner where possible. The heat from the flame in an oil burner can damage the sensitive compounds in your essential oils and will smell nice but will significantly limit the therapeutic benefit of the oils. 

Electric oil burners are available for sale in the Inspire Me store and are a safe alternative to traditional candle oil burners. These types of burners don’t impede the effectiveness of your oils because they have a gentle, controlled heating element that heats only enough to activate your oils. 

A great alternative to the electric oil burner is a diffuser. A diffuser works by spraying the oils through a pinhole with a high pressure gust of air or water, introducing a micro-fine vapour mist into your environment. Diffusers are available in a range of sizes from USB diffusers for use in your computer or laptop, to the lotus diffuser which can effortlessly cover a range of 300 square feet. 

The benefits of aromatherapy

Different oils promote different emotional and physiological reactions within the body and can be used to soothe, uplift, stimulate, balance and calm. Aromatherapy can support both psychological and physical well being and essential oils can be used in a variety of ways including massage, inhalation, topical application and even water immersion to stimulate the desired bodily responses.

For Stress Relief: If you work in a high pressure environment, a diffuser filled with lavender oil will be a great way to calm people down and ensure a more relaxed and calm environment. 

To Promote Learning: In a learning environment peppermint oil is a great way to keep people alert and focused. 

To Ease Congestion: If you live or work in an area with compromised air quality then using eucalyptus oil can promote breathing and lung health, while lemon oil can help purify the air. 

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