The Best Crystals for Abundance (and How to Use Them)

by Janice Smart on Sep 25, 2022

The Best Crystals for Abundance (and How to Use Them) - Inspire Me Naturally

Abundance refers to having a large quantity of something - whether that’s wealth and prosperity, or love and happiness. Many of us would like to have more abundance in our lives, but it can be hard to change our mindset. This is where spiritual tools like crystals can really help us manifest our desires, amplify our intentions and achieve our goals.

Interested in learning more? If you’re looking to attract more abundance in your life, read on as we share the best crystals for abundance and exactly how to use them!

What are the best crystals for abundance?

Certain crystals have powerful amplifying properties, making them ideal for attracting abundance and prosperity. These crystals can help you manifest exactly what you want more of into your life - from financial goals to new relationships and career opportunities.

The best crystals for attracting abundance include:

  • Citrine: for manifesting wealth 
  • Emerald: for stimulating the flow of money
  • Tigers eye: for attracting good luck and prosperity
  • Clear quartz: for setting and amplifying your intentions
  • Rose quartz: for attracting love and relationships
  • Jade: for manifesting business success

How to use crystals for attracting abundance

There are several different ways to use these crystals for attracting abundance, wealth and prosperity. But before using your crystals, it’s important to ensure they are cleansed and recharged. There are several ways to do this - you can read our guide on cleansing and charging your crystals here.

Next, you’ll want to set a clear intention for your crystal. What are you trying to manifest into your life? Quiet your mind as you hold your crystal and focus on your intention. You may want to say your intention out loud, write it on a piece of paper, or write it down in your journal. 

Now that your crystals are charged with your intention, you can start using them to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life!

  • For financial abundance: Try keeping a stone inside your wallet or purse
  • For attracting love and relationships: Keep your crystal close to your heart each day using a crystal necklace.
  • For manifesting your desires: Hold your crystal by your Third Eye Chakra during your meditation practice.
  • For career success: Keep your crystal on your office desk.

Where to buy crystals online?

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