The Best Essential Oils to Support a Healthy Immune System!

by Janice FERGUSON on Apr 28, 2022

The Best Essential Oils to Support a Healthy Immune System! Inspire Me Naturally

There are several important factors that work together for a healthy immune system - from maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle to reducing stress and getting regular sleep. On a much smaller scale, aromatherapy and essential oils can also be a wonderful tool to support your immune system, too.

With the winter months quickly approaching, we thought this would be the perfect time to shine a spotlight on the best essential oils for immunity support and exactly how to use them. Read on for our guide to supporting a healthy immune system through aromatherapy below!

How can aromatherapy help with immunity?

Our immune system is extremely complex and influenced by a range of different factors. These include diet, sleep, physical activity, personal hygiene and stress. While essential oils are a small piece of the puzzle, they can be beneficial to supporting a healthy immune system.

It’s important to think about your immune system holistically. By improving your overall health and wellbeing, your immune system will reap the benefits. Certain essential oils can be used to improve your sleeping patterns and reduce stress, both of which contribute to a healthier immune system. Some essential oils even have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which may help to prevent the spread of certain germs, fungus and other bacteria.

Which essential oils help to prevent germs?

Let’s talk first about the best essential oils for preventing germs and bacteria. Antimicrobial oils like tea tree oil, oregano oil, lemon oil, cinnamon oil and eucalyptus oil have antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that may help to fight off germs and infections. These oils can be inhaled directly from their bottles, dispersed through an essential oil diffuser, or used as ingredients to create your own natural disinfectant spray. 

Which essential oils help to reduce stress and anxiety?

Stress can have a huge impact on our mental and physical health. This is because consistently high levels of stress prompt our bodies to produce cortisol, which may weaken your immune system and put you at a higher risk of getting unwell. 

To combat stress and anxiety, you’ll want to use calming oils such as lavender, frankincense and sweet orange. You can diffuse these oils throughout your home, add them to a relaxing bath soak, or dilute with a carrier oil and massage gently into your pulse points. Don’t forget to take some time out for mindfulness and self-care, too.

Which essential oils help to improve our sleep?

A healthy sleep cycle is closely linked to the functioning of our immune system - and in fact, research shows that sleep-deprived people can have suppressed immunity. If you’re struggling to fall asleep, you may benefit from diffusing essential oils like lavender, clary sage and chamomile 15 minutes before bed. You can also create your own natural pillow spray, or add a couple of drops to your bed linen.

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