The Best Essential Oils for Work!

by Janice FERGUSON on Oct 28, 2020

The Best Essential Oils for Work! - Inspire Me Naturally

Whether you work from a private office, a shared space or even at home, creating the right environment is essential for your productivity! An uplifting workplace will not only help you (and your colleagues) feel more energised and alert, but also reduce stress, relieve tension and even boost immunity. 

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to experience these aromatherapy benefits, but which essential oil blends are best for the office? Keep reading as we share some of our favourite essential oils for positivity, productivity, stress relief and immunity support.

Best essential oils for work: Positivity

Busy schedules, long days and workplace tension can often cause office morale to drop. If you’re looking to clear some negative energy and create a more positive environment, consider diffusing these uplifting oils:



-Wild Orange




Best essential oils for work: Productivity

Want to boost concentration and improve your mental clarity? You’ll want to choose stimulating, energising oils to keep you focused and on track. The following essential oils are renowned for their productivity benefits:





Best essential oils for work: Stress relief

Work-related stress and anxiety can take a huge toll on both our mental and physical health! Create a calming, stress-free environment with the following soothing essential oils:





-Ylang Ylang


Best essential oils for work: Immunity support

Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on the workplace! Boost your immunity and prevent travelling germs during cold and flu season with these anti-viral and anti-bacterial essential oils:

-Tea Tree




-On Guard

Using essential oils at work

To benefit from essential oils at work, simply diffuse your chosen oils daily depending on your requirements! You might want to create a go-to blend for stress relief, productivity, immunity support and so on. If your office isn’t suitable for a diffuser, you can also create your own roller blend to inhale throughout the day as needed.

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