Cooking With Himalayan Salt

by Janice FERGUSON on May 08, 2019

Cooking With Himalayan Salt - Inspire Me Naturally

Salt has got a pretty bad rap in recent years with lots of information being thrown around about how salt negatively effects your blood pressure and heart health, but we have a secret for you:

It’s not salt that’s causing the problem - it’s table salt!

The truth is that table salt and Himalayan Salt couldn’t be more different!

Why You Should Avoid Table Salt

Salt is an essential component for good health, and contrary to all the ‘low sodium’ messages we’re receiving every day, removing all salt from your diet would literally kill you. The problem isn’t your salt intake, it’s the way your salt is treated.

Regular table salt is dried at alarmingly high temperatures - over 650 degrees Celsius! That heating process alters the structure of the salt, removing all of the healthful minerals that can be beneficial to your health, like magnesium, iron, and calcium.

But it’s not just the stuff that’s been removed from the salt that is cause for concern, it’s the stuff that’s been added too - things like anti-caking agents to stop clumping, moisture absorbents to remove the moisture that salt naturally attracts, and iodine - too much of which can interfere with your thyroid health.

In comparison, Himalayan salt retains all 84 of its natural minerals and trace elements, with none of the nasties, making it an ideal choice for maintaining health.

How Do You Cook With Himalayan Salt?

Cooking with Himalayan salt couldn’t be more easy! It’s a direct substitution, so any time you would use regular salt, you simply replace it with Himalayan salt in the same quantity.

Want to Get Fancy?

Once you’ve successfully removed ordinary table salt from your diet, and replaced it with Himalayan salt you might like to expand your Himalayan salt cooking repertoire by investing in a Himalayan salt cooking stone.

Cooking with a Himalayan salt stone is not only great for your health, but it’s fun too! The salt block is perfect for cooking seafood and thin pieces of meat, it cooks at an even temperature and because the food is cooking directly on the salt, it absorbs a beautiful but subtle salty flavour while it cooks.

But the salt stone is more than just a cooking tool - it also makes a beautiful serving platter! You can freeze the block completely and use it to serve ice creams or sorbets, or cool it gently to display a beautiful sushi platter.

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