Different Types of Selenite (and How to Use Them!)

by Janice Smart on Oct 16, 2023

Different Types of Selenite (and How to Use Them!) Inspire Me Naturally

Selenite is a powerful crystal that is widely known for its calming and purifying effects. This beautiful pearly-white gemstone is available in various forms, each with its unique features and uses.

3 of the most popular forms of selenite include selenite lamps, selenite wands and selenite bowls. Read on as we explain the different types of selenite and their benefits, along with some tips on incorporating them into your daily life!

What are Selenite Lamps?

Selenite lamps are not just stunning pieces of home decor - they also serve as powerful tools for cleansing and purifying the energy in your space! These lamps are typically made from large chunks of selenite and have a hollowed-out centre to accommodate a light source. When the light is turned on, selenite lamps emit a soft, soothing glow that not only illuminates your room but also fills it with tranquil energy.

The Benefits of Selenite Lamps

  • Cleansing energy. Selenite is well known for its ability to cleanse and purify the energy in your environment. By having a selenite lamp in your home, you can ward off negative energy and create a serene atmosphere.
  • Enhancing clarity. Selenite lamps are excellent for promoting mental clarity and focus. They help clear mental clutter and aid in decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Stress reduction. The soft, calming light of a selenite lamp can be used in meditation or relaxation practices, making it an excellent tool for reducing stress and anxiety.

How to Use a Selenite Lamp

  • Place the lamp in the room where you spend the most time, such as your living room or bedroom, to keep the energy balanced.
  • Meditate or practise deep breathing exercises near the lamp to amplify relaxation.

What are Selenite Wands?

Selenite wands are elongated pieces of selenite that can vary in size. They are highly versatile tools, and their pointed shape makes them ideal for directing energy and working with the body's energy centres, also known as chakras.

The Benefits of Selenite Wands

  • Chakra balancing. Selenite wands can be used to balance and cleanse your chakras. 
  • Aura cleansing. Selenite wands are also highly effective at clearing and purifying your aura, removing stagnant energy and negativity.
  • Enhancing spiritual connection. These wands are excellent for meditation and enhancing your connection to higher spiritual realms. 

How to Use a Selenite Wand

  • To balance your chakras, hold the wand above each chakra, starting from the crown and moving down to the root, while focusing on the flow of energy.
  • For aura cleansing, slowly move the wand around your body, visualising it sweeping away any negative energy or blockages.
  • During meditation, hold the wand in your hand or place it in front of you to aid in connecting with your higher self and receiving spiritual guidance.

What are Selenite Bowls?

Selenite bowls are hollowed out pieces of selenite that represent a significant source of energy. Selenite can be used to cleanse and charge the other crystals in your collection, and the bowl shape provides an easy way to do this!

What are the Benefits of Selenite Bowls?

  • Charging crystals. Selenite bowls are ideal for charging and cleansing other crystals. Place your crystals in the bowl overnight to restore their energy and vibrancy.
  • Energy cleansing. The bowl can also serve as a space to cleanse and purify any jewellery, trinkets or other items that you want to keep energetically pure.

How to Use a Selenite Bowl

  • For charging crystals, simply place your crystals in the selenite bowl and leave them there for a few hours or overnight to rejuvenate their energy.
  • To set intentions, sit quietly with the bowl and concentrate on your desires or affirmations. You can write them down and place them in the bowl for extra potency.
  • For energy cleansing, lay your jewellery or small items in the bowl and let them rest there for a while to clear their energy.

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