How to Make Your Own Sole Solution

by Janice FERGUSON on Jun 17, 2019

How to Make Your Own Sole Solution - Inspire Me Naturally

Many of us spend our days putting up with less than optimum health, sometimes without even realising it. Issues from low energy and fatigue to digestive issues and congestion are things that most of us deal with from time to time but there is a simple way to help your body restore its natural balance, helping to reduce fatigue, improve digestion and assist with overall good health. 

Sole (pronounced So-lay) is a salt water solution made with Himalayan salt crystals and is often referred to as ‘the water of life’. The majority of modern day health problems can be traced back to a lack of good quality organic sodium in our diets. With drinking therapy it’s possible to reverse those health concerns, boost your immune system and bring some vitality back to your body. 

Benefits Include: 

* Lower acidity in the body

* A decrease in heavy metals in the body (such as mercury and lead)

* Increased energy

* Improved sleep

* Better digestion

* Relief from skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis

* Improved circulation

* Improved mood/relief from depression and anxiety

How Do You Make Your Own Sole Solution? 

We all know that salt dissolves in water, but did you know that water has a point at which it can become saturated with salt and cannot absorb anymore? At that point the solution is exactly 26% salt and 74% water and that is the ideal concentration for your sole solution. 

What you’ll need

A sealable glass container

2 cups Himalayan Salt Crystals or stones

Good quality filtered spring water

Place 1 1/2 cups of salt into the bottom of your glass container, fill it with water and seal the jar tightly, leaving it to sit overnight. 

The following day, check to see if all the salt has completely dissolved. If it has, you will need add the additional half cup of salt to the jar. If there are still some crystals floating in the bottom of the container then your water is fully saturated and is ready to be used. 

How to Drink Sole

The best way to drink sole is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Add one teaspoon of your sole solution to 250 ml of good quality filtered spring water, mix well and drink! 

To make your own sole solution, improve your health and bring vitality back to your days, see our range of edible Himalayan salt products here.

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