Essential oils to boost your mood

by Janice FERGUSON on Aug 06, 2019

Essential oils to boost your mood - Inspire Me Naturally

We all have those days where we just feel “off”. Maybe it’s feeling unmotivated, tired or fatigued. Or maybe it’s stress-related as we have a million things running through our mind. Either way, it can really start to affect our everyday life when we don’t feel one-hundred percent!

Many people will turn to stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks in these situations to try to give themselves a boost, but the truth is that there are many natural remedies out there that are not only better for our bodies, but can do a much better job!

Which essential oils are best for mood boosting?

Essential oils are an amazing way to assist with mood swings, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. And the best part is, they are completely natural and healthy for our bodies.

There are hundreds of essential oils out there, but it’s important to choose the right oil for your situation. Some oils can be applied topically, orally, or diffused. Here are a few of our favourites!


There are many creative ways to use lavender oil but it is widely known for its calming and relaxing qualities, which help relieve stress, anxiety and mood swings. Some ways to apply lavender oil to the body is to simply add 2-3 drops on the bottom of your foot, the back of your neck and even your wrist. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you dilute the lavender oil with some coconut oil.

Juniper Berry

Juniper berry oil is helpful as it relieves tension and stress, along with cleansing and emotional balance. To apply Juniper berry, add 2-3 drops on the back of your neck after diluting with coconut oil.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil is used to help with calming, crying, stress and exhaustion. To apply Ylang Ylang, it is beneficial to apply over the thymus (to help with stimulating the immune system) and it will be absorbed faster. It is also safe to orally use Ylang Ylang, with many people finding that putting a drop under the tongue to be helpful.


Labdanum, or cistus as it is sometimes called, was one of the first aromatic substances used anciently. It is stimulating to the senses and is often used to help elevate emotions and calm the nerves. It is also commonly used as comforting oil. You can diffuse or inhale this oil, as well as applying it to skin after diluting with coconut oil.


Coriander oil is commonly used as a gentle stimulant for people with low physical energy. Coriander also helps to relax during times of stress and anxiety. Simply take 2 drops and put it under your tongue, you can also apply it to the skin topically or diffuse it.


Rosemary oil is often used to assist with mental fatigue and depression and has been studied for its ability to help improve memory and concentration. You can dilute rosemary oil with coconut oil and apply to your upper neck for the best results.


Yuzu was traditionally used in Japan as early as the eighteenth century in a bath which people took curing winter to help warm the body and improve circulation. Yuzu essential oil has a calming and warming influence and it is often used to help improve focus and concentration.


Basil oil is used to aid concentration and alertness, while also helping to reduce mental fatigue, maintain an open mind and clarity of thought. Basil can be applied to the skin, diffused and also ingested.

The great part about these essential oils is that they can be applied regularly, or just on the days where you need a little pick me up! You can even mix some of your favourite oils together to create a beautiful blend that can be used with a diffuser throughout the entire home so the whole family can benefit.

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