3 Ways to Use Himalayan Salt For Better Sleep!

by Janice Ferguson on Dec 06, 2021

3 Ways to Use Himalayan Salt For Better Sleep! - Inspire Me Naturally

Not getting enough sleep is a serious issue that can negatively impact our health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep can make us feel exhausted, sluggish and distracted, and can even weaken our immune system.

If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, there are some natural remedies that may be able to assist. One of our favourite sleep aids? Himalayan salt!

Read on as we share 3 ways to use Himalayan salt for better sleep below.

What is Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt is renowned as the purest salt on earth, packed with over 84+ trace minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium. This incredible pink salt is commonly used in cooking and spa treatments - but thanks to its mineral-rich properties, Himalayan salt can also be used to improve our sleep. Here’s how!

Take a Himalayan salt bath before bed

Are your sleeping problems caused by stress, anxiety or an overactive mind? Soaking in Himalayan salt is an amazing way to relieve stress, calm the mind and achieve deep relaxation. Himalayan salt also contains essential minerals like magnesium to help your body begin its sleep cycle. 

Simply add ½ cup of Himalayan salt to a warm bath before bed, and soak for up to 30 minutes. We also love adding a few drops of lavender oil for an extra boost of relaxation.

Try a spoonful of Himalayan salt and honey

It might sound a little strange, but taking a spoonful of Himalayan salt mixed with honey is thought to be a natural remedy for better sleep. Simply mix 5 parts of honey with 1 part of Himalayan salt, and place a small amount under your tongue right before bed.

Use a Himalayan salt lamp

Finally, we’d recommend placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom to assist with better sleep. Himalayan salt lamps emit a warm, soothing amber glow that encourages the production of melatonin. These amazing lamps are also thought to release negative ions, which may decrease stress levels and help your mind and body relax before bed. As a bonus, they also act as a natural air purifier and can absorb dust and other pollutants from the surrounding air.

Start your journey towards better sleep 

We have a beautiful range of Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt lamps online in a variety of styles and sizes. Start your journey towards better sleep today!

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