Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide!

by Janice FERGUSON on Jun 11, 2021

Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide! - Inspire Me Naturally

Himalayan salt lamps are a fantastic addition to your home or workspace - helping to purify the air, boost your mood, and even improve your sleep. Crafted from authentic Himalayan salt crystals, these beautiful lamps come in a range of shapes and sizes. So, which size is right for you?

Keep reading as we share our Himalayan salt lamp size guide to help you choose the right lamp for your needs!

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

First, let’s talk about why you might decide to introduce a Himalayan salt lamp into your home.

These eye-catching lamps emit a warm, amber glow, helping to improve the ambience of any room. But along with creating a beautiful atmosphere, they offer a range of wellness benefits, too.

Himalayan salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic, which means they absorb moisture from the surrounding air. During this process, they also trap dust and other allergens, essentially acting as a natural air purifier.

Himalayan salt lamps also release negative ions, which are thought to boost our mood and leave us feeling refreshed and energised. With their soft orange glow, they also make great nightlights for both kids and adults, helping to encourage a deep and restful sleep.

Why is size important for Himalayan salt lamps?

It’s important to consider the size of your Himalayan salt lamp in order to reap its benefits. The larger the lamp, the larger the radiant area of negative ions will be, and the more dust and pollutants it will be able to attract.

For best results, the size of your lamp should correspond with the size of the area you are trying to cleanse. Use our handy guide below to help you choose the right size for your space:

Himalayan salt lamp size guide

A good rule of thumb is to have a 1 kilogram lamp for every 10 square meters of space in the room. In real life terms that means:

2-4kg lamp: 20 - 40sqm - A workstation or small treatment room

4-6kg lamp: 40 - 60sqm - A small bedroom or standard office

6-8kg lamp: 60 - 80sqm - A small living area or medium sized bedroom

10-13kg lamp: 100 - 130sqm - An average sized living area or large bedroom

13-16kg lamp: 130 - 160sqm - A medium sized entertainment area or meeting room

20-25kg lamp: 200 - 250sqm - A large living area or a small to medium cafe or restaurant 

Remember, you don’t necessarily need one huge lamp - you can also incorporate many small Himalayan salt lamps or tealights around the area to ensure your home or office is getting enough coverage.

Where to buy Himalayan salt lamps online

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