How to use Himalayan Salt Lamps to Improve Air Quality!

by Janice FERGUSON on May 06, 2020

How to use Himalayan Salt Lamps to Improve Air Quality! Inspire Me Naturally

We love Himalayan salt lamps for their soft amber glow, but did you know these natural lamps can also improve the air quality in your home?

Himalayan salt lamps aren’t just pretty to look at - they can actually help to naturally purify the air and relieve allergy, asthma and respiratory issues. If you’re looking for a natural air purifier and want to learn more about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, keep reading as we explain exactly how they work. 

How do Himalayan salt lamps improve air quality?

Himalayan salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic. This means they attract and absorb moisture from the air in their surrounding environment. 

So, why is this important? Well, the air in our home or workspace is often contaminated with things like dust, pollen and other allergens. A Himalayan salt lamp will attract, absorb and trap these contaminants, before releasing pure air back into the environment.

How do Himalayan salt lamps help with allergies?

Due to their hygroscopic properties, Himalayan salt lamps can help to reduce symptoms associated with allergies caused by airborne particles. By trapping particles like dust, pollen and even micro pet-hair, Himalayan salt lamps can reduce airborne triggers that may cause these kinds of allergies. 

How do Himalayan salt lamps help with respiratory issues?

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or not, Himalayan salt lamps may also help to improve your overall respiratory health due to their positive effect on air quality. This is why salt lamps are so popular with people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory issues.

Did you know salt has been used to improve respiratory issues for centuries? In fact, long before Himalayan salt lamps ever existed, studies showed that salt miners (who spent days working in salt tunnels) reported above-average respiratory health. From there, people began to explore salt caves and salt therapy as a way to improve respiratory health. Himalayan salt lamps are simply a more convenient way to experience the benefits of salt therapy from your very own home!

How to use Himalayan salt lamps to improve air quality

Using a Himalayan salt lamp to improve the quality of your air is easy. Simply place a Himalayan salt lamp in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, such as your bedroom, living room or workspace. 

Remember, the effectiveness of Himalayan salt lamps depends on the size of the lamp. The bigger the space, the bigger you’ll want your Himalayan salt lamp to be. 

Where to buy genuine Himalayan salt lamps online

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