How to Boost Your Mood with Essential Oils!

by Janice FERGUSON on Jul 18, 2021

How to Boost Your Mood with Essential Oils! - Inspire Me Naturally

We all have days where we feel tired, unmotivated or simply “off”. And on those days, it can be really hard to hit the reset button to lift our mood and energy levels!

While it’s tempting to reach for caffeine and energy drinks in these situations, there are some natural remedies out there that are more sustainable and better for our bodies. We love using aromatherapy and essential oils to help boost our mood, and wanted to share some of our favourite uplifting blends with you below.

Which essential oils are best for mood boosting?

So how do essential oils work to boost our mood, and which ones are the best fit for the job?

If you’re looking to combat tiredness, fatigue and mood swings, you’ll want to opt for uplifting essential oils that stimulate the senses and promote feelings of joy and positivity. 

The following oils are most commonly used to boost energy levels, mood and motivation:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Wild orange oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Bergamot oil

These oils all have invigorating qualities that make them ideal for a natural pick-me-up!

How to use essential oils for mood boosting

Essential oils can be applied topically (when diluted with a carrier oil), inhaled directly from their bottles, or inhaled indirectly using an essential oil diffuser. 

Not only do these oils smell delicious, they can also influence our emotions. Through the process of inhalation, the essential oil molecules travel through our nose and affect our limbic system. Our limbic system is commonly referred to as our “emotional brain”, as it’s directly connected to the parts of our brain that control things like breathing, stress levels, heart rate and hormone balance. By inhaling these uplifting oils, we trigger an emotional response in our bodies.

Essential oil blends for mood boosting

Be inspired by the following essential oil blends for their uplifting and mood-boosting effects!

  • 3 drops Peppermint oil + 3 drops Lemon oil + 2 drops Wild Orange oil
  • 2 drops Frankincense oil + 2 drops Bergamot oil + 2 drops Wild Orange oil
  • 3 drops Bergamot oil + 2 drops Lavender oil + 2 drops Ylang Ylang oil
  • 2 drops Peppermint oil + 2 drops Lime oil + 2 drops Grapefruit oil
  • 2 drops Frankincense oil + 2 drops Lemon oil + 2 drops Peppermint oil

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