How to Calm Your Baby to Sleep with a Himalayan Salt Lamp!

by Janice FERGUSON on Mar 01, 2020

How to Calm Your Baby to Sleep with a Himalayan Salt Lamp! - Inspire Me Naturally

A newborn baby is a blessing, but let’s be honest - sleepless night after sleepless night can start to feel exhausting for both parents and bub!

We all want what’s best for our little ones, and when our babies are agitated, restless and having trouble sleeping through the night it’s only natural for us to feel desperate for a solution. This is where a Himalayan salt lamp comes in!

How does a Himalayan salt lamp work to calm babies to sleep?

If you have already read some of our previous blog posts, you should already know that Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for their sleep-assisting properties. We usually talk about Himalayan salt lamps in bedrooms, living rooms and even the office - but what about a nursery?

Himalayan salt lamps are a great natural solution to help calm your baby to sleep, for a couple of reasons.

First, think about how bright the lights are in your baby's room. When it comes to bedtime, we need to flick the bedroom light on to be able to navigate where we’re going and what we’re doing. A Himalayan salt lamp works by becoming the perfect nightlight, emitting a warm amber glow throughout the room.

This means you don’t have to expose bub to harsh bright lights before bed.  To get our bodies to sleep, we naturally produce a hormone called melatonin which lets our brain know it’s time for bed. But bright lights can interfere with this, as our brain doesn’t associate this with sleep, and won’t produce melatonin. A Himalayan salt lamp provides just enough light that you can navigate through the room, whilst still being dark enough to encourage sleep,

What’s different about a Himalayan salt lamp to a regular night light when it comes to helping babies sleep?

A Himalayan salt lamp generates negative ions! Negative ions help us to feel refreshed, balance our mood, and even assist with sleep issues and insomnia. These negative ions help to create the best, healthiest possible environment for a newborn bub to calm them and prepare them for sleep.

When it comes to calming babies and helping them get to sleep, a Himalayan salt lamp is not only a night light, but a negative ion generator and air purifier too. Let your bub experience the health benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp in their nursery today.

We have a range of natural Himalayan salt lamps available to purchase online, with AfterPay available. 

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