How to use essential oils for your emotional health!

by Janice FERGUSON on Oct 02, 2019

How to use essential oils for your emotional health! - Inspire Me Naturally

It’s normal to experience a range of different emotions in our everyday lives, according to the different situations we experience. We’re all susceptible to occasional moments of stress, anger or fatigue. But it’s important to look after our mind and body to ensure that our emotional wellbeing is balanced - if we experience too many negative emotions, this can lead to anxiety, insomnia and even depression.

Taking the time to focus on your own emotional health and wellbeing should become a staple part of your everyday routine. There are so many great ways to help balance our emotions, like surrounding ourselves with positive people, getting some fresh air, and following a healthy diet. But essential oils can be another simple natural remedy to assist with our emotional health, too.

How can essential oils assist with our emotional wellbeing?

The practise of using essential oils for emotional health is known as aromatherapy. Inhaling the aroma of different essential oils can have a direct impact on our mind, body and spirit as they are absorbed into our bloodstream. Each different essential oil has its own unique healing properties, and can help for a range of different issues from pain relief and mental clarity right through to insomnia. But today we’ll be talking about the best essential oils for our emotional health.

What are the best essential oils to use for emotional health?

There are certain essential oils that are widely renowned for their ability to help with balancing emotions, improving our mood, and encouraging positivity and harmony within our mental state.

The best essential oils for emotional health include:

Bergamot oil: best for feelings of sadness, overwhelm or anxiety

Orange oil: best for balancing emotions and promoting positive thoughts

Patchouli Oil: best for feelings of emotional disconnection or “emptiness”

Ylang Ylang oil: best for anger management and releasing frustrations

Lavender oil: best for reducing anxiety, stress, and tension

What are the best ways to use essential oils for emotional health?

One of the best things about aromatherapy is the many versatile ways to experience the benefits of essential oils.

A great way to use essential oils for emotional health is through inhalation via a diffuser. Simply diffuse a few drops of your chosen essential oil, or a blend of the oils mentioned above, throughout your home or office. We have a range of diffusers available to purchase online in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any space.

You can also choose to apply 1-2 drops of your chosen essential oil topically to your wrists, and inhale them during the day whenever you feel your emotions becoming unbalanced. Lavender oil is particularly useful to dab onto the wrists, as inhalation will help to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day when needed.

Or, for a truly relaxing method, dilute your chosen essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and massage into your temples, behind your neck, and at any other pulse points on your body.

Taking time to slow down during our busy lives to focus on our emotional health and wellbeing is so important, and is definitely not something to be overlooked. If you’re feeling emotionally drained or experiencing issues with anxiety, anger or stress, essential oils could be a great addition to your everyday routine. You can shop our range of essential oils online here - we have AfterPay and ZipPay available so you can buy now and pay later.

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