How Magnesium Baths Can Improve Your Health!

by Janice Ferguson on Sep 19, 2021

How Magnesium Baths Can Improve Your Health! - Inspire Me Naturally

Did you know magnesium is one of the most essential minerals to keep our bodies in optimal health? Magnesium helps us produce energy, maintain the function of our muscles, and support a healthy immune system.

Along with eating a magnesium-rich diet, taking regular magnesium baths (using magnesium flakes) is a great way to safely raise our magnesium levels.

Keep reading as we explain exactly how magnesium flakes and magnesium baths can improve your health below! 

What are magnesium flakes?

Magnesium flakes (sometimes known as magnesium salts) are a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride. Magnesium chloride is a natural form of magnesium that can be mined from ancient sea beds, or open water sources such as the Dead Sea. They are different to Epsom salts, which are a concentrated form of magnesium sulphate.

What are magnesium flakes good for?

Magnesium is absolutely vital for the daily function of our bodies, yet a large number of people are actually magnesium deficient. In fact, it's estimated that 1 in 3 Australians have an inadequate intake of magnesium. 

Magnesium flakes are most commonly used as a form of mineral supplementation. Soaking in magnesium flakes is a quick, safe way to raise your magnesium levels through absorption.

A magnesium salt bath can help to:

  • Boost magnesium levels in the body
  • Ease stress and tension
  • Elevate your mood
  • Relieve muscle pain and muscle cramps
  • Improve skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Support deep and restful sleep
  • Support heart health
  • Manage foot conditions like Athletes Foot
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve skin health

How to prepare a magnesium bath

A relaxing magnesium bath is the perfect way to reap the benefits of magnesium flakes for health and wellness. When dissolved in warm water, magnesium flakes are easily absorbed into the body. 

To prepare a magnesium bath, simply add 1-3 cups of magnesium flakes to a warm bath, or ½ cup to a warm foot soak. Relax in your magnesium bath for 30 minutes to allow the minerals to penetrate your cells through absorption. You may even want to add a drop or two of your favourite essential oils such as soothing lavender oil or uplifting peppermint oil, depending on your mood!

How often should you take magnesium baths?

We recommend soaking in a magnesium bath between 2-3 times a week for best results! You may want to start small with just 1 bath per week, before slowly building up the frequency.

Where to buy magnesium flakes online

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