How to Make Your Own Himalayan Salt Lamp

by Janice FERGUSON on Dec 30, 2015

Himalayan salt lamp is a great way to improve the air quality in your home or office and can help to relieve the symptoms of a variety of conditions including: 

  • Asthma and other respiratory illnesses
  • Eczema and other skin conditions
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Digestive concerns
  • Poor circulation
  • Depression and other mood disturbances
  • Congestion
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Weak immune system

And, best of all, you can make your own Himalayan salt lamp at home, in a few easy steps and with just a few easy-to-find materials. 

What You’ll Need

  1. A large bowl, wire basket, glass vase or other casing of your choice
  2. 1 DIY lamp cord kit
  3. A drill (only required if you don't choose a casing with holes large enough to accommodate your lamp cord)
  4. 1 light globe - between 7 and 15 Watt will work best
  5. Himalayan salt chunks- amount will vary depending on your choice of casing


  1. Find a suitable bowl or casing. A glass or metal casing is recommended as it must be able to withstand low level heat - from the globe - and should be water proof, as the salt chunks will naturally attract moisture.
  2. If your casing does not already have a hole suitable for the lamp cord, you will need to drill a hole large enough to accommodate the cord and the electrical plug, but not so large that your salt chunks will fall out. Be safe! 
  3. Thread the cord through the hole in the casing so that the bulb housing is inside the bowl/vase and the electrical plug is outside. 
  4. Screw the light globe into the globe housing. 
  5. Plug the electrical socket into the wall and turn it on to make sure everything is working correctly before adding the salt chunks. 
  6. Pour the salt chunks carefully into the bowl. Be as gentle as possible to avoid damaging the light globe. Make sure that the globe is entirely covered in salt and try your best to get the bulb as near as possible to the centre of the lamp. 
  7. Turn on your new Himalayan salt lamp and start enjoying the benefits!

NOTE: If the light does not shine through the salt as much as you would like, you can consider a smaller casing, or choose a higher wattage bulb. Be sure to monitor the lamp to ensure that it does not overheat. 

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