Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Health and Wellness!

by Janice FERGUSON on May 02, 2021

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Health and Wellness! - Inspire Me Naturally

Mother’s day is now only just around the corner! If you’ve left your gift shopping until the last minute, we’ve got you covered with our range of natural products here at Inspire Me Naturally.

We think the gift of wellness is the greatest gift of all, so today we wanted to share our top picks for gifts dedicated to health and wellbeing. From natural bath soaks to aromatherapy jewellery, keep reading for a few of our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Bath Soaks

Something that busy mums often neglect is self-care. Give your mum a reason to take some “me time” with a rejuvenating bath soak filled with nourishing ingredients.

Our range of luxurious bath soaks are made from all-natural goodies, including Himalayan pink salt, magnesium flakes, essential oils and more.

These detoxifying and moisturising bath soaks are the perfect gifts to help you mum relax, refresh and unwind this Mother’s Day. You can shop our range of bath soaks online here!

Essential Oils

Why not introduce your mum to the benefits of aromatherapy with a selection of essential oils for health and wellness? Lavender oil is great for stress relief, while lemon oil is best for an energy boost and motivation.

Essential oils can also be incorporated into hobbies such as gardening or baking. You can shop our range of essential oils online here!

Aromatherapy Jewellery

Jewellery is always a popular Mother’s Day gift, but what about jewellery that can actually help with mood-boosting, alleviating stress, and improving health and wellness?

If your mum is already an essential oil lover, our aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces will allow her to experience the benefits of essential oils on the go.

Made from porous lava beads, aromatherapy jewellery diffuses essential oils slowly and safely throughout the day. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are known to assist with purifying the air and producing negative ions to create a clean, positive environment, reduce allergy symptoms and even improve sleeping patterns. Plus, they make a beautiful statement piece for the home!

With a range of modern styles available, you can check out our Himalayan salt lamps online here!

Gift Box

If you’re feeling stuck with gift selections, why not treat your mum to one of our curated gift boxes?

Each gift box is beautifully packaged and includes a selection of popular wellness products such as soy candles, essential oils, bath soaks and more. Explore our range of gift boxes online here!

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