Natural Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Home!

by Janice FERGUSON on Jan 14, 2021

Natural Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Home! - Inspire Me Naturally

Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately tense, upset, irritable or angry? This could be due to a build-up of negative energy. When we enter a space filled with negative energy and emotions, it can begin to affect our mood and wellbeing.

So how can you reduce negative energy and create a happier, healthier environment? From Himalayan salt lamps to essential oils and selenite wands, keep reading for 3 natural ways to clear negative energy from your home.

Essential oils room spray

Essential oils can have a direct impact on our mood and emotions, making them perfect for clearing negative energy. You can create your very own aromatic "energy clearing room spray" using just a few simple ingredients. This spray can be used when you feel a build-up of negative energy in your surroundings, whether that's at home, at work or on the go. 

The best essential oils for clearing negative energy include:

  • Lavender
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Sage
  • Cedarwood
  • Bergamot
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Patchouli

To make your own DIY room spray, simply fill a spray bottle ¾ full with distilled water, and top with witch hazel until the bottle is nearly full. Add 40 drops of your chosen essential oils - for example, 10 drops each of lavender, ylang ylang, sage and cedarwood. Shake to combine and spray as needed.

For a more permanent solution, you could also place an essential oil diffuser in the areas of your home that you feel the most negative energy, and diffuse regularly. Or, consider wearing an aromatherapy necklace or bracelet.

Himalayan salt lamps for positive energy

Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for their ability to generate negative ions. Negative ions are a type of molecule usually found in the air outdoors (especially by a waterfall, in a forest or by the crashing waves of the ocean!) and make us feel energised and refreshed.

If you’re experiencing negative energy in your home, place a Himalayan salt lamp in the areas where you spend most of your time. This could be in your bedroom, kitchen or living room spaces. The negative ions generated by Himalayan salt lamps will help to clear out any negative energy - plus, any pollutants in the air like smoke, pollen and dust.

Selenite to clear negative energy

Selenite is known for being a cleansing crystal with strong connections to our emotional state. This is why selenite wands are often used for personal aura cleansing to clear negative energy.

If you’ve been feeling tense, moody or not quite yourself, this could be due to a build-up of negative energy your body has absorbed over time. Cleansing with selenite can be a great way to “reset” your energy levels, boost your mood and promote a positive mindset. To cleanse your aura, simply hold the selenite wand around 5 inches away from your body and sweep it from head to toe while visualising the negative energy being removed by the crystal. Selenite lamps and crystals can also be placed around the home or other environments to help keep negative energy at bay.

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