3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Child's Sleep!

by Janice FERGUSON on Dec 24, 2022

3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Child's Sleep! - Inspire Me Naturally

Bedtime struggles are extremely common for many families. If your child is having trouble getting to sleep each night, you may find them feeling tired and cranky the following day - leaving the whole family exhausted!

Luckily, there are a few natural remedies that can help to improve your child’s sleep. These remedies can be easily incorporated into their nightly routine, ensuring you and your family are well rested. Read on as we share 3 natural ways to help your child fall asleep below!

Lavender oil for better sleep

Lavender oil is widely recognised for its calming effects, and has been shown to help us relax and unwind. If your child is having trouble getting settled for the night, consider using lavender oil to help them prepare for sleep.

Some simple ways to incorporate lavender oil into your child’s bedtime routine include:

  • Lavender oil massage. Add a couple of drops of lavender oil to a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and gently massage into the soles of your child’s feet before bed. Be sure to do a patch test first.

  • Lavender oil bath. Combine the calming properties of lavender oil with the soothing effects of a warm bath before bed! Simply add a couple of drops of lavender oil to their nighttime bath to help your child relax.

  • Essential oil diffuser. Consider introducing an essential oil diffuser into your child’s room to create a soothing environment for them to fall asleep. Turn the diffuser on an hour or two before bed to allow your essential oils to be dispersed into the air. You can use lavender oil on its own, or mix with some other calming oils like bergamot or geranium.

  • Lavender room spray. If you don’t have an essential oil diffuser, you can also create an easy DIY room spray. Simply fill a small spray bottle with distilled water and add 10-15 drops of lavender oil. You might want to call this your special “bedtime spray” and spritz it onto your child’s pillow before bed.

Himalayan salt lamps for better sleep

Himalayan salt lamps can be extremely effective for children who may be scared of the dark, or have anxiety around bedtime. These beautiful lamps emit a soft, warm amber glow, acting as a soothing nightlight to help your child feel safe and secure.

Along with their gentle glow, Himalayan salt lamps are also thought to naturally purify the air, which can also promote better sleep.

Reducing screen time for better sleep

Finally, consider reducing screen time directly before bed to help your child wind down without being too overstimulated. It can help to establish a calming bedtime routine each night, and shut down your television at a certain time. This will signal to your child that bedtime is approaching, and allows their mind and body to start preparing for sleep. Instead of using the tv before bed, try swapping this for an alternative routine like reading a book together, practicing yoga poses, singing nursery rhymes or doing a simple kids meditation.

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