Tiger's Eye: Healing Properties and Uses

by Janice Smart on Nov 26, 2022

Tiger's Eye: Healing Properties and Uses - Inspire Me Naturally

Tiger’s Eye is often referred to as the stone of courage and protection. This striking gemstone is reddish-brown in colour with golden stripes, flecks of black and a soft, shiny appearance.

Traditionally, Tiger’s Eye was used as a protective amulet and thought to ward off evil spells and curses. At one point, it was even considered more precious than gold! But this beautiful stone also holds unique healing properties and can be used to balance our physical and emotional wellbeing.

From boosting self-confidence to attracting good luck, keep reading as we share the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye, and how you can incorporate this powerful stone into your everyday life!

Tiger's Eye for Protection

Tiger’s Eye is well known for its cleansing and protective properties. This makes it a wonderful stone for clearing negative energy from your home, dispelling fears and creating a safe haven. Consider placing this stone at your front door or window sill to keep your home protected.

Tiger's Eye for Self Confidence

Tiger’s Eye is also thought to boost your self-confidence and drive for success. This powerful stone will help you feel strong, centred and motivated - helping you achieve all of your greatest ambitions. Consider meditating with this stone as you manifest your desires, or wear Tigers Eye jewellery to boost your confidence during everyday life.

Tiger's Eye for Physical Health

As well as its benefits for our emotional health, Tiger’s Eye is also thought to hold healing properties for certain physical ailments. This versatile stone may help to increase energy and vitality, balance the endocrine system and speed up your metabolism.

Tiger's Eye for Good Luck

Tiger’s Eye is one of the best stones for attracting good luck. Whether you’re hoping for a job promotion, a new relationship or financial windfall, consider keeping this stone in your handbag to help you manifest more luck and success in your life.

Tiger's Eye for Enhancing Psychic Abilities

Finally, Tigers Eye is thought to be closely linked to our root chakra, solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra. This beautiful stone may assist with amplifying your psychic abilities and deepening your spiritual awareness. Consider incorporating Tigers Eye into your meditation practice and using it to connect to the higher spiritual realms.

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