How to Use Essential Oils for Better Sleep!

by Janice FERGUSON on Mar 24, 2021

How to Use Essential Oils for Better Sleep! - Inspire Me Naturally

Do you struggle to clock in a good night’s sleep? Sleep plays a critical role in our health and wellbeing - but in today’s fast-paced world, it’s becoming increasingly harder to switch off and feel rested. 

If you’re currently looking to improve your sleep, essential oils can be a great natural remedy. And, there are so many simple ways to put them to use! From pillow sprays to diffuser blends, keep reading for our top tips on using aromatherapy and essential oils to promote better sleep.

Which essential oils are best for sleep?

Not all essential oils are best suited for sleep! Some essential oils (particularly citrus oils like lemon and orange) can be quite stimulating and energising, while other oils have a more calming, grounding effect.  When it comes to sleep, you’ll want to opt for those calming and soothing oils to prepare your mind and body for bed. The best essential oils for sleep, rest and relaxation include:
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Frankincense
  • Cedarwood
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Geranium
  • Vetiver
These essential oils are known for their calming and sedative properties, and may encourage a better night’s sleep. You can use these essential oils individually, or mix 2-3 oils together to create your own signature “sleep” blend! So what are the best ways to use essential oils and aromatherapy to improve your sleep? We love these natural remedies below:

Create an essential oil pillow spray

Fall asleep each night to a fragrant pillow spray that encourages rest and relaxation!  To create your own essential oil pillow spray, simply fill a medium-large spray bottle with ½ teaspoon of witch hazel, and add distilled water until nearly full. Then, add 20 drops of essential oils to suit your preferences. Some essential oil blends we recommend for sleep include:
  • 10 drops lavender, 6 drops bergamot, 4 drops ylang ylang
  • 10 drops chamomile, 6 drops bergamot, 2 drops frankincense
  • 8 drops lavender, 6 drops frankincense, 2 drops ylang ylang, 2 drops vetiver, 2 drops bergamot
Simply keep your pillow spray in the bedroom and spritz your pillowcase each night before bed.

Take an essential oil bath

Soaking in an aromatherapy bath before bed can relieve tension and encourage your mind and body to unwind after a busy day. To create a sleep-friendly bath soak, simply add a few drops of calming lavender oil to a warm bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. You can also try adding magnesium flakes or Himalayan salt to further relax and detoxify the body!

Add essential oils to your skincare

Another great way to allow your body to absorb the benefits of essential oils is simply by adding a few drops to your body moisturiser. Simply massage it gently into the skin before bed as usual! These days, you can also find natural skincare products pre-made with essential oils, like our Botanical Bath and Body Oils

Create a nighttime diffuser blend

Place an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom to create a beautiful, soothing environment. Diffusing calming oils like lavender, chamomile and frankincense will not only release an amazing natural fragrance, but also prompt your mind and body to prepare for bed. Essential oil diffusers are also ideal for kids rooms, too!

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