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The Best Essential Oils for Joy and Positivity!

The best essential oils for positive energy

Living a happy, joyful and positive life is something we all desire. But sometimes, the stresses of everyday life or our surrounding environments can bring our mood levels down. It’s so important to be mindful of our mood, and take steps to reduce negative energy where possible.

Aromatherapy is one way to start promoting self-care and positive energy. If you’re currently looking for the best essential oils to lift your mood, keep reading for a few of our favourites (and some top tips on how to use them).

Can essential oils change our mood?

Essential oils work to change our mood by stimulating our sense of smell, which taps into the emotional side of our brain. Our sense of smell is extremely sensitive, and sends messages to the “limbic lobe” of our brain. This limbic lobe directly connects with the parts of our brain that control things like stress, hormone levels, breathing and more.

Consequently, aromatherapy and the practice of using essential oils can help us shift our mood by sending signals to our brain.

So which essential oils are linked to feelings of joy and positivity? The following essential oils are best known for their uplifting properties:

How to use essential oils for positivity

Taking some time out of each day for self-care is absolutely essential, even if it’s just a few quick minutes of mindfulness in the morning or meditation session before bed. Essential oils can be a great addition to your daily self-care routine, with so many different ways to put them to use!

You could:

  • Create your own roller blend and massage gently into your wrists and soles of feet (with the help of a carrier oil such as coconut oil). Inhale from your wrist throughout the day as needed.
  • Diffuse your favourite essential oil (or a mix) in an essential oil diffuser throughout your home and/or workplace.
  • Wear an aromatherapy necklace or bracelet
  • Or add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a relaxing bath soak

There are so many great ways to start incorporating essential oils into your everyday routine to promote a more positive and joyful state of mind. Get started with our range of essential oils online, and notice the difference in your mood and energy. You can also shop our essential oil diffusers and accessories to complete your kit, with AfterPay and ZipPay available on all purchases.

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Crystal Water Bottles: What are The Benefits?

Crystal water bottle benefits

Crystal-infused water bottles are the latest trend sweeping the health and wellness world. But what exactly are they, and what are the benefits of using one in your everyday life?

Crystal water bottles are more than just a pretty accessory (although they are definitely beautiful to look at, too!). These unique water bottles actually use healing crystals and stones to help align and transform your energy, spirit and physical health.

Keep reading for the low down on what crystal water bottles are, what each healing crystal achieves, and how they can have a positive impact on your overall wellness.

What are crystal water bottles?

Crystal water bottles are simply glass water bottles embedded with natural crystal or gemstone chunks in their interior. Crystal water bottles are completely safe and non-toxic, and are designed to be sustainable and re-used again and again.

You’ll find crystal water bottles fitted out with a range of different crystals known for health and healing properties, from rose quartz and clear quartz to amethyst and amazonite.

What are the benefits of crystal water bottles?

The idea behind crystal water bottles is to imbue the water inside with the energy of the specific crystal soaking within. Different crystals are used for different healing or spiritual purposes. People have long been using crystals as a part of their meditation or spiritual rituals for centuries. For example, rose quartz is often used to attract love, while amethyst is known for strength and healing.

Drinking this crystal-infused water allows you to benefit from the energy and intentions of your chosen crystal.

So which crystal water bottle is the best fit for you? The most common crystals found in crystal water bottles include:

Rose quartz for love, devotion, inner harmony and peace

Amethyst for balance, positive energy, healing, strength and creativity

Clear quartz for clarity, regulating energy, increasing awareness

Amazonite for balancing emotions, reducing stress, soothing and calming

Citrine for positivity, joy, success and enlightenment

Blue Lace Agate for tranquility, peace of mind, nurturing, alleviating anger

You can shop our full range of crystal water bottles online now, with AfterPay and ZipPay available. These crystal water bottles also make perfect gifts for the crystal lovers in your life!

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Are you Drinking the Right Water? Tap vs Bottled vs Filtered

Filtered water benefits

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and get in our 8 glasses of water each day. But have you ever stopped to think about the quality of the water you’re drinking?

From tap water to bottled and filtered water, there are some pretty big differences between each one. It’s important to consider not only the quality of the water itself, but also the potential implications on our health and the environment.

If you’re wondering what kind of water is best for your family, keep reading for a full breakdown as we compare each one.

Tap water

Tap water is cheap and readily available from our very own home, making it the most common source of water for many families. However, tap water can actually contain potentially harmful pollutants that increase the risk of health problems when consumed in large quantities.

In Australia, our tap water is known to contain small traces of chemicals such as aluminium, nitrate and chlorine – even elements of heavy metals and pesticides. Our tap water can be contaminated through both natural and man-made sources on its journey to our kitchen sink, from industrial pollution to pipe contaminants and chlorine-resistant bacterias. So although it might be easily accessible, it’s definitely not the purest.

Bottled water

For those who don’t like the taste or quality of tap water, bottled water is seen as a convenient solution. However, around 40% of bottled water is actually just rebottled tap water, and may still contain small traces of the chemicals and pollutants mentioned above.

Bottled water also increases your exposure to BPA – a synthetic hormone disruptor used to create plastics. If you are opting for bottled water, be sure to look out for bottles labelled as “BPA-free” as an alternative.

Putting the health risks aside, bottled water can also have a devastating impact on the environment, falling under the umbrella of “single-use plastic” that is often discarded after consumption. With the current war on waste movement in Australia, it’s become more important than ever to reduce single-use plastics where possible.

Filtered water

If you’re searching for the purest, healthiest and most eco-friendly water solution, filtered water would have to be the winner. Drinking pure filtered water can have countless benefits for our health and wellness, from improving digestion to maintaining healthy skin.

Introducing a water filtration unit into your home helps to remove all of the contaminants from your everyday tap water, ensuring the water you consume is pollutant-free. A water filtration unit also allows you to conveniently refill your drink bottle each day from home, without having to waste plastic (and money!) on purchasing bottled water again and again.

Our water filtration units are the perfect addition to a healthy, mindful and eco-friendly kitchen. See our full range of water filtration units online, with AfterPay and ZipPay available! Don’t forget we offer free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $100.

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