With Christmas just around the corner (how did that happen so quickly!), it’s time to start planning our shopping lists! Choosing gifts can be a time-consuming process when you don’t know where to begin, and it can be difficult trying to match up the right gift with the right person. So when it comes to the perfect Christmas gift ideas for friends and family, why not consider something for their health and wellness?

Natural, wellness-inspired gifts are such a great idea for this time of the year, to encourage a happy and healthy 2018. We know that choosing gifts can be tricky, so we’ve outlined a few of our favourite crowd-pleasers below to make Christmas shopping a breeze!

Himalayan salt lamp

Not only are they a beautiful home decoration, Himalayan salt lamps also have several health benefits that make them a thoughtful and practical gift idea for all ages!

Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for their ability to generate negative ions, which in turn helps to clear the air from dust and allergens and improve our mood and energy levels. They also make the perfect night-light for kids, with their warm amber glow creating a soothing atmosphere to encourage better sleep.

If you have friends or family that suffer from asthma, respiratory issues, sleeping problems or low energy, a Himalayan salt lamp would be a wonderful gift idea to help combat these issues! Himalayan salt lamps are also particularly useful for those parents who may work from home, helping to promote mental clarity and reduce the effects of the positive ions generated by electrical items like phones and computers.

With a range of natural, crafted and glass jar Himalayan salt lamps available, you can choose a salt lamp that reflects the recipient’s own unique style.

Essential oil diffuser

Do you have friends or family that enjoy incorporating essential oils into their everyday lives? An essential oil diffuser is a great gift idea to help them maximise the benefits of their oils throughout their very own home.

Diffusers work by gradually evaporating the essential oils into the air, allowing everybody in the household to experience their benefits through inhalation. Different blends of essential oils have different properties – for example, lavender oil is wonderful for relieving stress and anxiety, while lemon and tea tree oil can help to boost immunity.

Diffusers come in a range of stylish designs, making them a beautiful addition to any home. You can check out our range of diffusers here along with our selection of doTERRA essential oils.

Himalayan bath salts

Himalayan bath salts are the perfect gift idea for busy friends and family who deserve some rest and relaxation time! We’ve previously blogged about the benefits of a Himalayan salt soak – it’s essentially a natural way to detox, purify the body and unwind after a stressful day.

Himalayan bath salts can be gifted as-is, or why not make a batch of your own fragrant Himalayan salt scrub as a thoughtful, homemade gift with a personal touch? Bath salts can be mixed with essential oils to create a all-natural, luscious scrubs – you can check out our blog post on DIY salt scrub remedies for our favourite blends!

With only a few weeks left to get your Christmas shopping sorted, why not make it easy with natural gift ideas that offer a range of health benefits for your friends and family? With our huge selection of natural products available online, we can deliver goods right to your door, saving you the hassle of battling crowds at busy shopping centres. And with AfterPay and ZipPay available on all purchases, you can buy now and pay later!

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