With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us start thinking about creative gift ideas that won’t break the budget. In our experience, some of the most thoughtful and well-received gifts are those that come from the heart. And you just can’t go wrong with something homemade for that truly personal touch!

If you want to get hands-on with gift giving this year, we have some great DIY gift solutions that you can make from the comfort of your very own home using essential oils. Essential oils are not only beautifully fragrant and inviting, but also have several added health and beauty benefits, too.

So if you’re looking for some more personal gifts for the special people in your life this year, read on for 3 of our favourite DIY gift ideas using essential oils – sure to be a hit amongst friends and family!

Salt body scrub

A luxurious, refreshing and exfoliating salt scrub is the perfect gift idea for the busy ladies in your life, and so simple to make too! We love using Himalayan pink salt combined with coconut oil and essential oils for an all-natural scrub that is filled with goodness

To make your own salt body scrub gifts, we recommend using an airtight glass jar. Simply mix ¼ cup of Himalayan salt with ¼ cup of coconut oil (sweet almond oil also works well!) and then add 10 drops of your favourite essential oils.

Some combinations we love include lemon and lavender, grapefruit and ginger, and patchouli and geranium. All you need is a cute ribbon or note attached to the jar and you have yourself a super quick and beautiful homemade gift!

Natural bath bombs

Who doesn’t love to soak in a nice long bath after a tiring day? A natural bath bomb is the perfect bathroom accompaniment and thoughtful gift, and essential oils really help to take them to the next level.

To make your own natural bath bombs, you’ll need:

1 cup of baking soda

1 cup of citric acid

½ cup of cornstarch

½ cup of natural coconut oil

8-10 drops of your chosen essential oils (we love lavender, peppermint, and citrus bliss).

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, and mix well until you’re left with a soft dough. Place the dough into silicone sphere molds and let sit for 24 hours. You can then wrap your bath bombs with some cellophane paper or place them into a cute gift bag, ready for the lucky recipient!

*Recipe adapted from doTERRA.

Essential oil perfume spray

Essential oils really do make the best natural perfumes! Not only are they beautifully fragrant but their aromatherapy benefits are also extremely powerful and uplifting.  Creating your own homemade perfume sprays for somebody special is such a sweet gift idea that will definitely be appreciated.

All you need to do is mix 25-30 drops of your favourite fragrant essential oils with ¼ cup of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of witch hazel into a small spray bottle.

Some delicious blends to use for inspiration include:

Whisper + wild orange

Lavender + bergamot + marjoram + geranium + lemon + frankincense

Bergamot + patchouli + Ylang Ylang

Think about the recipient of the perfume and the kind of scents they love – fresh and fruity, soft and floral, or something deeper and muskier – and tailor your blend to suit!

These 3 DIY gift ideas are a great place to start when it comes to homemade gifts with a personal touch.  We have a range of essential oils available to purchase online, so feel free to view our range here. Or if you’d prefer to buy your own gifts instead, check out our previous blog post on natural gift ideas for health and wellbeing!

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