We’ve spoken many times on the blog about the benefits of both Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps. But what exactly is the difference between the two, and which one is better for health and wellness?

Although both Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps have various health benefits, their properties are very different and can be suited to different situations. So today on the blog we’re explaining how to determine which lamp is the right one for you!

What are the differences between Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps?

Appearance: The first key difference with Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps is their appearance. Himalayan salt lamps are large chunks of genuine Himalayan salt crystals, and can be found in orange, pink and red tones. They emit a warm glow when in use.

Selenite lamps are a pearly white, almost opaque crystal. They have been split and chipped to create their tower-like appearance. They emit a soft white glow when in use.

Properties: Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps are known for different reasons.

Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for being naturally hygroscopic – meaning they attract and absorb water molecules from the surrounding air. This allows them to trap dust and other contaminants, acting as a natural air purifier.

Himalayan salt lamps are also known for their ability to generate negative ions. Being exposed to negative ions has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, helping to boost our mood and improve our sleep. You can read more about how Himalayan salt lamps work here.

Selenite lamps are not known for being hygroscopic or generating negative ions. Instead, selenite lamps are renowned for their cleansing and healing abilities, and can help to clear negative energy both from our chakras and the surrounding environment.

Selenite also has calming properties which makes it ideal for meditation or spiritual work. You can read more about the benefits of selenite here.

Choosing the right lamp

When it comes to choosing the right lamp for your own situation, it’s important to consider what your requirements actually are.

For example, if you suffer from allergy symptoms or want to improve your sleeping patterns, the properties of a Himalayan salt lamp would be best suited for you.

Or, if you’re hoping to clear out some negative energy from your home, a Selenite lamp might be a better fit.

The good news is, you don’t have to choose between the two. If you want to explore the various benefits of both Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps, you can introduce both styles into your home and utilise them for different situations!

Where can you buy Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps?

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