Selenite Lamp 35-40cm

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All lamps come complete with light bulb and lead.

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4-5kgs comes with a Australian Compliant Lead & Light Bulb What is Selenite? About Selenite Selenite is a variety of Gypsum, a common mineral found in sedimentary rocks. It is formed through the evaporation of salt water from ancient seas. Its essence as salt resonates with our own salt water bodies in the most primal fashion. Selenite has a pearl like luster and has been described as having a moon like glow. The word Selenite comes from the Greek for Moon and means moon rock. Selenite is the ultimate cleansing and programming stone available. It is extremely useful with any healing treatment and is especially useful for skin issues such as: wrinkles, age spots, acne, itchy dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and pressure sores. It assists in maintaining skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. It also amplifies healing, pulls negative energy from wherever it sits and clears blockages. Selenite vibrates at a very high frequency. Selenite is 70% water and will dissolve if left in water. It is therefore one of the crystals that should never be cleansed with water. Like the water element, it has been found to be very balancing for the emotions. What makes Selenite unique is that it is self-cleansing. Selenite is an excellent stone to have to help clear the energy of all your other gemstones and crystals. It has a very high vibration. Selenite is direct from nature to you, created by the natural energies of the planet – to be used as a powerful tool for holistic living, wellness and healing.

All lamps come complete with light bulb and lead.

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