59 Slot Wooden Storage Box for Essential Oils by Tanya Zaetta HWC Australia Inspire Me Naturally

59 Slot Wooden Storage Box for Essential Oils

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Product description
Display your much loved essential oil collection in this beautifully crafted wooden storage box.
This high-quality raw wood case is durable yet elegant. It is designed to protect your precious oils and display them in a way that looks fantastic. 
The 3-tier system allows you to easily access and return your oils to the right slot. You'll never have to worry about where they are again. 
The 59 compartments allow you to store essential oil bottles, roller bottles, small spray bottles, and beadlet bottles in a secure way that looks great.
In total, this exquisite box can store:
12 x 5ml essential oil bottles
7 x 9ml or 10ml essential oil roller bottles
7 x beadlet bottles
35 max x 15ml essential oil bottles

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