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Amethyst Healing Crystal Cluster

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Amethyst crystals purify and transmute negative energy. They are beautiful crystals for enhancing metaphysical powers and are often used to aid meditation. This beautiful Amethyst cluster comes from Uruguay and can improve your life and surroundings in a number of ways.

Amethyst is well known for its healing properties. It balances the crown chakra and creates better connection between your spiritual and physical self. If you are feeling blocked or mentally clumsy, an Amethyst will help you to refresh your mind and be in the moment. This crystal is perfect for recovering from a hard day. If you want peace and a chance to really be creative, keep this nearby.

Amethyst is a talisman for use in the creative arts. If you are artistic or creative in any way, an Amethyst crystal or crystal cluster in your work area will help you focus and amplify the creative elements of the Universal Life Force. 

Amethyst crystals cleanse negative energy from any space. The energy from these crystals is a truly unique blend of magic and mystery. You are going to find this hard to put down.

Please note that as these crystals are natural products there is some variation between items.  We cannot guarantee yours will look exactly like the one pictured. 

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