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Bellissimo Classics White Sage Incense Pack of 20

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Product description

Bellissimo Classics premium incense sticks:

- 20 incense sticks per pack

- Made in India

Incense has long been used for rituals and meditation. The aroma is able to calm the mind and bring relaxing and peaceful feelings to a person and the space around the burning incense. In today’s world we are lucky enough to be able to burn incense in our homes, work places and gardens making each day a special ritual. When the aroma is inhaled we are reminded to take a moments meditation during the rush of daily life.

Purifying White Sage:
White Sage is a sacred plant and has been used for centuries to cleanse and heal. It has many other benefits such as purification, restoring balance, and reducing stress. White Sage is an ideal incense to burn when moving into a new home or office space to cleanse the air. It is also a fragrance that you can burn year-round to continuously enjoy the purifying benefits. 

To enjoy your incense, place wooden end of incense in a holder. Light the tip of the incense stick with a flame and let it burn for a couple of seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Let the stick smoulder, releasing the fragrance until the end of the stick. Do not leave incense stick unattended.

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