Black Elephant Recycled Wood Wall Art Inspire Me Naturally  Inspire Me Naturally

Black Elephant Recycled Wood Wall Art

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Size: Large
Product description

A symbol of protection, good luck and wisdom, our recycled wood elephant wall art is guaranteed to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to any space. As the elephant depicted in this art has its trunk down, it represents the accumulation of positive energy, pushing through obstacles, and is a particularly potent totem for those seeking fertility, wisdom, or strength.

This product is eco-friendly and made of 100% recylced wood. The elephant motif is depicted with black ink on a natural background. This art piece is available in 2 sizes: 

  • Small: 30x20x3cm
  • Large: 60x40x3cm

Please note that this item cannot be shipped. Pick up only from the store. 

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