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Blue Adventurine Tumble

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2-3cm each

Science & Origin of Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral and member of the Quartz family. The colour is from minor inclusions of Copper and is usually found crystallized in the form of large masses. Most of the material on the market is from mines throughout Brazil, although Russia and India do have large deposits.

 Meaning & Origin

Blue Aventurine is a psychic activator and helps one open up their third eye (pineal gland).

This process doesn’t just happen overnight, as one must work with this stone repeatedly in order to fully tap into its interdimensional potential.

Place this stone over your third eye during deep meditation sessions and you will begin to feel a tingling sensation.

This effect will start at your forehead and slowly begin to imbue your whole body.

The energy you are experiencing during this time is here to help relax your physical body while elevating your consciousness to new heights.

As one’s spirit learns to ascend, the pathway to your higher being begins to be laid out before you.

The journey must begin with you, however, Blue Aventurine is here to assist, specifically focusing on enhancing your mental behavior.

High Vibrational Pairings

We recommend using this stone in association with other high vibration, high chakra associated crystals.

This superior stone, alongside the euphoria one receives from Blue Aventurine, can completely alter the course of one’s life experience.

Meditate with both over your third eye or one on your third eye and one on your crown chakra.

The connection these two magical minerals develop will truly help enhance any meditative experience, while also passively affecting your day to day attitude.

One will notice themselves becoming more open to change as well as becoming more aware of their surroundings.

Please note this is a natural product and therefore we cannot guarantee your crystal will look exactly like the one pictured.

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