Charoite Ring - Size 7.5 GemStonez Jewellery Inspire Me Naturally

Charoite Ring - Size 7.5

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Protect your spiritual, emotional and physical energy with our Charoite and sterling silver ring. Charoite is a very protective stone that can only be found in Siberia. This glistening purple stone is often used by spiritual healers, psychics and mediums to clear blockages in the crown, heart, and third-eye chakras to create space for intuition and spiritual connection. Charoite is also a transformational crystal that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. It has the ability to connect the wearer with feelings of love from the universal source energy and return us to our truest selves.

Our Charoite is sourced from Russia and is embedded on a sterling silver ring.

SIZE: 7.5

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