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Citrine Ring - Size 8

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Product description

Invite clarity, wisdom and balance into your life with this gorgeous handcrafted citrine sterling silver ring.

Carry the physical, emotional and metaphysical benefits with you in your daily life by wearing this gorgeous ring.

Physically speaking, this golden stone is believed to be helpful for people suffering from digestive issues, and can also help to boost your physical endurance. It is traditionally associated with mental clarity, wisdom and intelligence.

Emotionally, this stone is believed to promote self-esteem, boost your confidence, feelings of individuality, and unique personal expression. This crystal may help you feel less sensitive to criticism from others, it it can help you to develop and maintain your positive attitude. 

In the metaphysical world, citrine is considered a versatile stone that can protect your energy and help you tune in to the energetic world around you. It can help you generate a vibrant flow of energy in and around your body. 

Citrine shoves out the negativity from your mind. It possesses the inherent spiritual characteristics which induces positive energy and reduces depression in the life of wearer. It leads to psychic growth with enhanced clarity and self confidence. It is the gemstone to bring about success and prosperity.

Our Citrine is sourced from Brazil and is embedded a sterling silver ring.

This ring is available in size 8.

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