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Crystal Chakra Hanger with Gift Box

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Create a warm, balanced atmosphere in your space with this gorgeous Crystal Chakra Hanger complete with gift box. This hanger is the perfect gift for a spiritual person in your life, or for yourself! It features 7 key crystals associated with the chakras:

1st Chakra - CROWN - Clear Quartz. This stone is said to enhace spiritual and psychic powers.

2nd Chakra - THIRD EYE - Amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful cleanser of psychic energy. This stone can help open your third eye and recieve psychic messages.

3rd Chakra - THROAT - SodaliteThis stone can help you to enhance your verbal expression and have clear communication.

4th Chakra - HEART - Green Aventurine. This stone can help open you up to receiving love, both for others and yourself. 

5th Chakra - SOLAR PLEXIS - Yellow AventurineYellow Aventurine has the ability to help you boost your confidence and attract prosperity in the world.

6th Chakra - SACRAL - Red Agate. This stone can help you connect with your physical desires and enhance your relationships. 

7th Chakra - ROOT - Red JasperThis stone can help you feel grounded, and cut negative energy out of your life.

+ Tiger Eye & Lapis in the tassels!

This crystal hanger is approximately 30cm long.  

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