Aroma Happy Bath Salts Copy of Mini Bath Salts Trio (50mL tubes)
Aroma Happy Bath Salts Copy of Mini Bath Salts Trio (50mL tubes)

Goddess Gift Box - Candle, Essential Oil and Bath Salts

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Pour a champagne, light your crystal candle and pamper yourself like a Goddess in a warm bath of beautiful rose petals and jasmine flowers.

We all love to feel special and you most definitely will after you immerse yourself in these gorgeous Cleopatra Bath Salts.

Then once you have soaked up all the nourishing and aromatic goodness of the mineral bath salts apply the Goddess essential oil perfume blend for your own personalised fragrance.

Goddess is a special blend of essential oils that when combined with each individual’s chemistry it will give you your own unique fragrance. 

1x 120g Natural soy heart candle with peach and lemon fragrance.

1x 10ml Goddess Essential Oil perfume blend

1x 100g Cleopatra Bath Salts - Rose, Jasmine & Geranium.

1x Reusable bath salt tea bag.


PEACH & LEMON TEA- A fruity fragrance combining the sweetness of the peach and the bitterness of lemon.


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