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Grounding & Soothing Crystal Tumble Trio

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Our Grounding & Soothing Trio is perfect for those who are experiencing anxieties or negative occurrences or thoughts in their life. It is curated to aid in ailments by soothing the holder and keeping them grounded. Your trio comes in a beautiful black velvet bag. 

Blue Onyx will help you:

  • Enhance dream experiences
  • Accept & Process
  • Strengthening your connection to the spiritual realm
  • Stimulates your intuitive abilities


Amethyst will help you:

  • Feel tranquil and soothed
  • Transmit neural signals through the brain.
  • Ease away your stress 
  • Stay grounded. 


Smokey Quartz will help you:

  • Move on from difficult or painful experiences
  • Feel grounded
  • Dispel your fear and stress
  • Bring about a state of emotional calm.

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