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Inspire Soy Wax 1kg

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Description: Golden Wax 464 is a wax that contains a soy-based additive that is natural and kosher. Being a natural product, it is susceptible to alter and differentiate between batches and seasons. This soy-based additive enables the soy to be poured at a hotter temperature, reducing frosting and increasing fragrance oil load. These waxes blend well with paraffin, slack wax and microcrystalline waxes. Golden Wax 464 has a higher melt point which enables it to retain a higher fragrance oil load to give you a stronger scent throw.

Melt Point: 45°C - 48°C

Pouring Temperature: 55°C - 70°C

Max Fragrance: 12%

Suitable applications: container candles, tealights

Please Note: 464 can be very difficult to work with. Optimal fragrance ratio and pour temperatures are required for a flawless candle. These levels will vary based on your physical candle making environment.

Update on Recent Batches: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the wax may arrive in either solid block form or it may be flaked. Moisture can also appear trapped due to the change in climate from manufacturing to distribution. 

During the melting process the wax may appear to bubble as trapped air is released. The wax can also appear clear to milky when melted. A second resurface pour or reheat may be required to assist the wax to set evenly. We recommend to allow the wax to air dry before attempting to melt to eliminate the moisture interfering with the melting process.

The manufacturer has advised: “Flaked shortening may have visible condensate present due to temperature variables in the flaking process”. If this is the case, be sure to test samples first to ensure stability with your fragrance.

Please note: Personal testing must be completed to achieve optimal results.


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