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Macrame Hanging Chair

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Relax and unwind in this beautiful macrame hanging chair. Designed to hold you in the most comfortable way possible, this Macrame Hanging Chair provides more than enough support for your back and arms. The sturdy structure of the chair has been adorned with stylish macrame and tassles and will add style and boho vibes to your space. 


  • Inside/Outside. This versatile chair can be used inside or outside. Hook it over a tree in your backyard, mount it on your verandah, or install it in a room inside the house. It will add style and charm to your indoor or outdoor space.
  • Strong. It can support up to 100kg and is strong and durable for longlasting use.
  • Comfortable. This chair can be used to relax, undwind or its gentle swing can help with meditation. 
  • Portable & Easy to Use. This portable swing chair can be located almost anywhere! It is lightweight and very easy to store and carry. 

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