Aromafume Copper Om Brick Incense Burner ASRA Aromas Inspire Me Naturally

Aromafume Copper Om Brick Incense Burner

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Product description

Aromafume Incense Burner for incense bricks

The Incense Brick Burner is specially designed for the burning of Aromafume incense bricks. Aromafume’s Incense Bricks are low-smoke, non-toxic, cruelty-free packs of naturally composed incense. The bricks burn on the copper burner with nearly no smoke. They leave no ash and diffuse slowly into the surrounding atmosphere, gently transforming your space. When lit, the Om design will cast a dancing shadow onto a nearby wall.

Each brick is made from a unique recipe that includes Aromatic flowers, natural extracts, pure resins, and natural woods. Use the burner by placing a brick on the copper plate of the copper burner and lighting a tea-light candle below it. Experience an elevated state of mind, and freedom from physical and emotional distress.

Included in the package:

Wrought iron diffuser with Om design, copper plate, cork coaster, candle and one incense brick sample.

Never leave a burning flame unattended.

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