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5 Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home!

5 ways to reduce toxins at home

Our bodies are constantly exposed to different toxins throughout our everyday lives, from our surrounding environment to the food we eat and the air we breathe.

It’s so important to be mindful of preventing these toxins where possible – particularly in our homes, where we spend the majority of our time.

If you’re interested in learning more about reducing the amount of toxins throughout your home, we’re here to help. Keep reading for 5 of the best ways to reduce toxins in your household and detox your home by making just a few simple switches and turning to natural, chemical-free ingredients instead!

Go natural with household cleaners

Many of the popular household cleaners available on supermarket shelves are jam-packed with chemicals, with some of them being hazardous to our health. The last thing you want to do is breathe in nasty chemicals each time you clean around the home.

Instead, go natural by creating your own toxin-free household cleaners! Natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and essential oils can all be used for chemical-free cleaning, from benchtops to bathrooms and glass windows. Our range of On Guard cleaning products are also pre-made for natural, toxin-free cleaning. You can check out our favourite household cleaning remedies here, or view our range of On Guard products online.

Drink filtered water

Did you know that unfiltered water can actually contain harmful contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, fluoride compounds and even traces of assorted hormones and prescription drugs?

The best way to reduce toxins in your water consumption is to opt for a water filtration unit to remove any hidden chemicals. A water filtration unit in your home will ensure the water you’re drinking is 100% pure and chemical-free. Plus, you can also save money in the long run without having to buy bottled filtered water on the go – simply refill your reusable drink bottle to enjoy filtered water from home.

Make the switch to natural beauty products

When it comes to everyday beauty and wellness products like moisturiser, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and even toothpaste, it’s important to be mindful of any chemicals we might be rubbing in to our skin, hair and teeth.

Most mainstream wellness and beauty products can actually be replicated using DIY alternatives, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, baking soda, Himalayan salt and essential oils. You can also purchase ready-made natural products like charcoal toothpaste, Himalayan salt soaks and more.

Ditch the pesticides

If you grow your own fruit, veg and herbs at home, step away from the pesticides! Did you know you can create your own pesticides to ward off insects using essential oils, rather than opting for chemical-filled products?

For example, peppermint, orange and cedarwood are known to repel ants, while lavender, lemongrass and rosemary can help with flies. For a good all-purpose spray, mix 10 drops each of rosemary, peppermint, thyme, lavender and clove in a spray bottle filled with water and shake well before use!

Reduce unnecessary plastic use

Some plastic products like water bottles, bags and lunchboxes can unfortunately contain BPA – a chemical used in the lining of certain plastic packaging.

Try to reduce unnecessary plastic use where possible by opting for alternatives like bamboo straws, beeswax wraps and reusable shopping bags that you can use again and again, or opt for BPA-free products like stainless steel lunchboxes.

You can shop our range of healthy kitchen, healthy bathroom and healthy home products online at Inspire Me Naturally with AfterPay available on all purchases – we’re committed to providing natural products for toxin-free living.

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5 Natural Ways to Help Prevent the Cold and Flu this Winter

Natural ways to beat cold and flu

It’s that time of the year again – and cold and flu season is well underway!

Nobody likes being sick during winter. Cold and flu season can be especially frustrating when it leads to taking time off work, school and social commitments, often affecting the whole family.

So – what steps can you take to prevent your chances of getting a cold this winter, naturally?

Keep reading for 5 tips and natural remedies to help protect your body and boost your immune system during this cold and flu season!

Wash your hands frequently

It’s important to remember that both colds and the flu are caused by viruses, and not bacteria. You can only become ill after coming into contact with people or things contaminated with the virus.

With this in mind, washing your hands frequently during the cold and flu season will help to prevent you from contracting the virus both at home, in the workspace or out in public.

Keep an antiviral hand wash in your bag on the go, and make sure you have a good hand wash in your bathrooms at home. We love the doTERRA On Guard range as a gentle alternative to harsher soaps for sensitive skin.

Diffuse anti-viral essential oils

Certain essential oils are best known for immune boosting and helping to prevent the common cold.

Some of the best anti-viral essential oils include:

Create your own cold-preventing essential oil blend or diffuse individual oils daily throughout the home, particularly in the areas in which you spend the most time like bedrooms and living spaces.

You can also create your own roller blend to take with you during the day, or apply undiluted to the soles of your feet for daily use.

Reduce your alcohol and sugar intake

It might not sound like much fun, but alcohol and sugar consumption can actually suppress our immune system, making it much harder for our bodies to fight off infections. Try to cut down on your alcohol and sugar intake during the winter months, to give your body the best chance of fighting off the cold and flu.

Get enough sleep

Clocking in an appropriate amount of sleep each night is another way to boost your body’s natural immune system. Try heading to bed a little earlier during the winter months to ensure your body is well rested.

If you struggle with insomnia or sleeping problems, consider adding a drop of lavender oil to your pillowcase or exploring the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp to help promote a positive sleeping pattern.

Exercise more

Regular exercise not increases your circulation, but also reduces stress – 2 things that can improve your body’s immune system. It might be a little colder during the winter months, but try to get your body moving for at least 30 minutes a day if possible!

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5 Reusable Kitchen Products to Save You Money (and the Earth!)

Reusable kitchen products to save money

Using eco-friendly products around the home is a great way to protect our environment. But did you know it could also save you money?

Investing in reusable items instead of one-off purchases is not only friendlier on the earth, but actually better for your wallet in the long run, too.

If you’ve been looking for some simple ways to save costs at home, keep reading as we share 5 clever re-usable products for a healthy, happy kitchen!

Reusable Kitchen Wraps

Does your family go through cling wrap like it’s going out of fashion? Standard plastic wraps like cling wrap are usually only used once before being thrown out. So why not make the switch to a reusable product like beeswax wraps, instead?

Our new beeswax kitchen wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wraps, designed to be easily cleaned and reused time and time again while keeping your food fresh for longer. Available in a variety of different sizes, you can shop our reusable beeswax kitchen wraps online here.

Reusable Coffee Pods

The costs of purchasing coffee pods can really start to add up, especially if you consume one or more cups daily. Coffee pods also contribute significantly to landfill in Australia. So why not make a one-off investment into reusable coffee capsules to not only save money, but also reduce wastage?

Our reusable coffee pods are designed for lifetime use, made from durable stainless steel and fully compatible with Nespresso machines, too. You can shop them online right here.

Reusable Lunch Boxes

Do you have a habit of buying lunches on the go, instead of bringing your own from home? Our stainless steel reusable lunch boxes are chemical-free and include convenient compartments for your food, making it super easy to pre-pack your lunches for the week.

Available in a variety of sizes and designs, you can shop our reusable stainless steel lunch boxes here.

Water Filtration

You might spend a few dollars on bottled water here and there without blinking an eyelid, but have you considered how much this is costing you in the long term? Not only do the costs of bottled water start to add up over time, but plastic bottles can also contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

Investing in a water filtration unit (and reusable drink bottle) gives you access to 100% pure, filtered water from the convenience of your own home. You can shop our water filtration units online here!

Reusable Travel Cups

Thanks to the recent War on Waste campaign, many Australian cafes are now offering discounts to customers who provide their own travel cup, helping to reduce the amount of discarded coffee cups ending up in landfill.

You could save around 50c per cup of coffee simply by using your own travel cup. You can shop our eco-friendly bamboo travel cups online here.

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