5 Ways a Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Benefit Your Bedroom!

by Janice Smart on May 21, 2023

5 Ways a Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Benefit Your Bedroom! Inspire Me Naturally

Himalayan salt lamps make a beautiful statement piece for the home, but they also hold a range of health benefits! And while these unique hand-carved lamps look stunning in any room of the house, they can be particularly beneficial in the bedroom.

From boosting relaxation to improving air quality and giving you a better night's sleep, read on as we share 5 ways a Himalayan salt lamp can benefit your bedroom below.

Improve air quality

The salt crystals used to make Himalayan salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic, meaning that they attract water molecules from the air. As they do this, they also attract any pollutants or allergens that may be present. When the salt lamp is heated by the light bulb inside, it releases negative ions into the air which bind with these pollutants and allergens - effectively neutralizing them. This can be particularly beneficial in the bedroom, where you want to breathe clean, fresh air as you sleep!

Promote relaxation and better sleep

Himalayan salt lamps are also thought to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The warm, soft glow of the lamp can create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom, helping you unwind after a long day. Additionally, the negative ions released by the lamp can have a positive effect on your mood and mental wellbeing. These negative ions are believed to increase serotonin levels, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting feelings of happiness and overall well being.

Create a natural light source

Himalayan salt lamps provide a natural source of light that is gentle on the eyes. In the bedroom, it’s important to avoid harsh or bright lighting, as this can interfere with your body's natural sleep cycle. The warm, amber glow of a Himalayan salt lamp is gentle and soothing, making them a popular choice for a bedside table or nightstand - particularly with young kids!

Reduce electromagnetic radiation

We are constantly surrounded by electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiation, such as our phones, laptops, and televisions. Too much exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation can have a negative impact on our health. Himalayan salt lamps are thought to emit negative ions that can neutralize the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices, making them ideal for keeping in the bedroom.

Enhance your decor

Finally, Himalayan salt lamps can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom decor! They come in a range of sizes and shapes, each with their own distinctive pattern and colour. Himalayan salt lamps add a touch of warmth and texture to any bedroom, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Where to buy Himalayan salt lamps online

We have a beautiful range of Himalayan salt lamps available online and in-store at Inspire Me Naturally. View our range online, or visit us at our beautiful Mount Tamborine location.

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